Get It Right: It’s Nutrition, Not Diet


It’s a mistake that’s all too easy to make when you first start getting into the lifestyle of eating healthier. If you’re eating too much, lowering those calories and engaging in some portion control is important. But an unhealthy idea of dieting is going to do you a lot more harm than good. It’s time to learn that it’s about nutrition, not about dieting.

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There is definitely such a thing as too few calories

Finding the willpower and the meal replacements to cut down the amount of calories you consume is something that should be applauded. But it should definitely not be taken too far as it sometimes is. We all need a certain number of calories to keep ourselves from going into starvation mode. It’s called our metabolic rate and failing to meet it can result in a lowered ability to lose weight, dizziness, frequent headaches and more. These are not natural signs of moving to a healthier lifestyle.

To the heart of the matter

Besides the risk of starvation which is, in itself, a very real concern, the long-term damage you can do to your heart on a crash diet is one of the most serious effects of eating too little. One crash diet won’t affect your heart too bad, but doing it multiple times or over a sustained period of time can lead to a rise of conditions like arrhythmia and cardiac stress due to damage to your blood vessels. Many extreme dieters have dieted to the extent of heart attacks and other serious heart-related injuries.

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Bones matter, not just fat

Losing weight is an admirable goal, but there are several ways to do it. The best way is to do it by combining exercise with the kind of diet free from excess but packed with all the nutrients you need. Do it by diet alone and you have a few issues. For one, you keep more of the visceral fat around your organs even if you lose weight. But without the kind of bone-vital nutrients mentioned in Sitejabber AlgaeCal Plus reviews, you also risk bone loss as you lose weight. This puts you at higher risk of things like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in your later years. You need exercise to go with nutrition, not just a waist-slimming diet.

Give the body a flush

No, a detox is not eating and drinking nothing but lemon water. A detox is including more natural antioxidants in your diet so that cell oxidation is decreased, meaning your cells naturally degrade and regenerate at the rate they should. The incorrect idea that detoxing is about declining yourself any food is an outdated one that, in truth, is just another crash diet.

Getting the wrong idea of what kind of diet you should be maintaining is going to do you a lot more harm than good. It can make you lethargic, it can put on weight, it can even cause a real strain to your heart and bones. Make sure you’re actually eating well, not just eating less.