Must-Read Methods Of Getting Rid Of All That Business Busywork


The best businesses are those that can really get down to business. They’re not the ones that seem to constantly be dealing with every little task as it comes up. They’re focused, they have goals and they’re streamlined enough to meet them. This time, we’re talking about continuity and efficiency. Keeping your business in top shape and much more manageable. In particular, we’re looking at how you get rid of the minutiae that can bog you down to the point of unproductivity.

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Prioritise properly

Before you truly start eliminating the busywork of your business, it’s important to identify what exactly that is. There will be some tasks that stick out at you like a sore thumb and we might tackle some of those in the following points. However, there are others that you might not be sure where they fall in the mix. Keeping a to-do list is good, but it’s not enough. It’s worth recommending that you implement a little code in that list. For example, any tasks that are going to increase your revenue within a set period of time, like 30 days, should be marked with a ‘£’ and treated with serious priority. Others that are merely changes for quality-of-life and good housekeeping could be marked with a smiley face. It’s up to you to choose how you priorities tasks. That you’re taking the steps to do so is what truly matters.

Spread the news

A lot of time, nowadays, is spent on marketing. With all the different platforms, especially online, the amount of time it can take is ridiculous. We’ll look at some of those platforms in particular down the line. However, one of the best ways to make sure you get more productive results for your efforts is to make sure you’re not the only one contributing. Networking has a wealth of benefits to your business. In this highly digital world, marketing is one of the best. Good relationships with other business owners means tapping into the online marketing potential of many companies besides your own. Make sure you’re doing your fair share of signal boosting in return, of course.

Get the marketing moving all at once

Now, talking about specifics. Social media is a must-have for any business marketing online. But how do you handle it? If you’re creating content and feeding it out in dribs and drabs, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, set aside a certain period of the week. Maybe an hour or two of one day. That’s now ‘social media’ hour. That’s when you plan, prepare and post your content. You don’t want your whole week’s marketing going out at once, of course. So consider social media management software that can help you schedule your online marketing so it’s fed at a much more consistent pace throughout the week ahead.

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Don’t take on your IT yourself

Staying firmly within the world of tech for now, we’re going to look at the IT system that your business is most likely using. These systems can be very helpful. They make it easier to share information and assets across the whole business. But they can be a significant problem, too. If you’re having issues with your IT network, taking it on yourself can be a big waste of time. Especially if you’re not equipped to do so. Outsourcing is a word that a lot of businesses fear, but it can be a very cost-effective way of tackling issues like your IT support.

Keep the money flowing

When you talk about finances and accounting with businesses, a reluctant groan is a very common response. But the truth is that a lot of people put pressure on themselves and make their finances unbearable by doing all the work at once. Instead, consider setting yourself an economic calendar. Keep your invoices, expenses and the like updated each week. But each week, do another little task that helps you prepare for the bigger events down the line like looking at your taxes. You can take a lot of the financial work out of your hands right off the bat, too. For instance, you can look at software that automates your invoicing and payroll. Leaving you little to do but to check the details off and confirm them.

Answer your customers’ questions quicker

Communication can be a problem for businesses, too. Dealing with customers via email, for instance, is a very slow process. It means you have to keep dipping in and out and thoroughly scanning your email several times a day. It can be a lot quicker if you implement the tools that allow customers to reach you faster and alert you to it. For instance, consider using an in-site chat tool. If it’s applicable, you can answer half their potential questions without having to talk to them, too. A proper FAQ page is something a lot of online businesses are lacking even though it could severely reduce the amount of time spent dealing with customers.

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Get rid of your human error

Speaking of outsourcing, there’s one job that should definitely be outsourced when in doubt. We’re talking about human resources. Handling HR without the proper experience or knowledge isn’t only bad for employee relations. It can also be seriously dangerous. We can’t expect everyone to have all rules of compliance and employee rights learned by heart. We should, however, expect that all those rules are being followed. To that end, proper HR services can make it significantly easier for you to do so. They can craft a whole system for addressing things like employment practices and how you deal with disputes. They can also take on a lot of the busywork like dealing with paid leave, absences, and other employee data.

In business, focus is king. The objectives and the means to meet them are what you need to have to survive. Otherwise, you’ll keep finding yourself so bogged down with busywork you’ll never truly get anything done. We hope these tips help you avoid that most disastrous of ends.