10 Accessories for Every Working Woman


Women work hard, and they can’t compromise time in their day because they don’t have the right accessories to make simple tasks easier. Having the necessary closet staples and work-related accessories can make your day much easier. Here are ten accessories each working woman should have at her disposal.

Stylish gear for adverse weather

It’s important to protect your work clothes for days when a bad thunderstorm heads your way. No one wants to walk into the office with soaked clothes and wind-blown hair. Keeping a quality rain jacket and umbrella in your car or near your door for easy access in the morning is a good way to ensure you always check your weather app and have the appropriate gear on hand.

Sophisticated scarves

Just as a rain jacket repels water, a nice scarf keeps your neck and chest warm during the colder months. They can also be a nice stylish addition to any outfit, since scarves range from thick winter to thinner summer ones. Either way, having a collection of work-appropriate, sophisticated scarves makes braving the elements and heading to work in style a simple affair.

Business casual attire

Less of an accessory and more of a closet section, every working woman should have business casual attire readily available. Some women’s business casual clothing lets you dress down on a casual summer Friday or for a work lunch. Business casual can sometimes be ambiguous and difficult to pin down, but some simple blouses and fun skirts which are an appropriate length for the office would work perfectly.

Protective phone case

Our cell phones play a vital role in our day-to-day activities. Whether it be answering emails and texts from colleagues or using mapping apps to find a work lunch, our phones are important. Having a case that protects your phone from falls will play a vital role in keeping your lines of electronic communication open, especially when you’re away from your computer.

Photography apps

Likewise, in many careers, women have to take pictures with their phones in order to find examples of products, keep an eye on competitor’s work, etc. With the best photography apps like Instagram and VSCO, snapping and sharing pictures on the go is a breeze.

Classic and statement jewelry pieces

A simple necklace or pair of statement earrings can really pull together any outfit. Whether it be a simple skirt with a colorful blouse, jewelry can pull out colors in the blouse and make your outfit pop. Having some go-to statement pieces in your jewelry box will make pulling together outfits daily fun.

A simple belt

A simple belt is needed for any good pair of pants. No matter the fit of the pants, a belt ensures that they stay up and do not sag throughout your day. They’ll also protect you if you ever need to pick up items. Belts are a great tool every working woman needs.

A sleek wrist-watch

Having a decent wrist-watch that accurately keeps time is important for any working professional. Many use their phones to tell time nowadays, but phones can easily die. A wrist-watch or smart-watch keeps track of time for you, and some of the more advanced ones can track of steps as well as your productivity at work.

Business card case

You’ll want to have business cards at the ready for any chance encounters with potential new clients. Having an accessible and easy-to-open business card case that you can slip in your purse or back pocket lets you make quick connections when you’re out and about. Just don’t forget to fill it back up with more business cards once you’ve passed them all out.

A good handbag

Lastly, you’ll want a large enough handbag to hold these key accessories, plus other work items like a work laptop of notebook. You don’t have to shell out loads of cash to get a nice one. However, getting one that won’t rip or tear when holding these items will keep you from the hassle of buying multiple bags in a short period of time. Buy one that’s trustworthy.