4 reasons not to wait until Mother’s Day to give your Mum flowers


Actively showing your Mum some appreciation in the form of gifts and lovely dinners is usually reserved for birthdays and Mother’s Day. And whilst having those days set aside as reminders to show an extra bit of love and respect is great, shouldn’t we really be doing this a lot more often than twice a year?

This may sound like a no-brainer for many. Of course we should always show our mothers that we care. But in reality, among the chaos and responsibilities of every day life, most of us probably don’t. So if you can’t remember the last time you took your mother out for dinner, popped round for a visit, or sent her a card if you live far away, why not send her some flowers today?

And if you still need a bit convincing, here are some of the many reasons to send flowers to your mother simply because you love her.

It shows that you care

As we get older and become more independent, it’s easy for us to forget the sacrifices that our mothers have made for us. Whether that’s nine months of pregnancy, going through endless adoption paperwork or medical procedures just to have us, sacrificing their own hobbies and interests to feed and clothe us… they do an awful lot.

And even after we’re fully grown, our mothers think about us more than we could ever imagine. Whilst we’re off travelling the world, climbing the corporate ladder, raising kids of our own or any of the other million and one things we could do with our lives, they are probably still thinking about us on some level. It may sound cheesy and possibly a little crazy, but in many cases it’s true. A mother’s love knows no bounds, so why should yours?

A small gesture goes a long way. And taking a little bit of time out of your day to show that you love your mother will mean so much to her. Don’t wait until societal conventions and hallmark holidays say that you should, tell her how you feel or send her a small token of your appreciation today. You never know what’s around the corner. Show her that you care today.

Minimum effort, maximum effect

Let’s be honest, sending your mother a bunch of flowers every now and again is probably the least you could do. Literally. In the age of the internet, it takes very little effort and you can do it from anywhere in the world at any hour of the day. So why wouldn’t you take 5 minutes out of your day (which would otherwise be spent scrolling through Instagram) to send someone a token of your love, respect and appreciation?

You can make it personal

Any gift is better when it’s a little bit personal. And the great thing about flowers is that you can make it as personal as you want whilst still not going to too much trouble. In fact, you can pretty much find flowers for everyone and anyone. You can tailor a bouquet of flowers based on a person’s favorite color, favorite flower, favorite smell and so much more. And of course, you can always add a personalized message on the card too. So whatever the occasion, you can give a bunch of flowers and still make it meaningful.

Flowers can improve your mood

Whether she’s stressed out at work, dealing with anxiety or just a little lonely, flowers can actually help improve your mother’s mood.

Some research shows that not only does receiving flowers create a feeling of happiness and gratitude in the immediate to short term, but it is also linked to improving a person’s mood in the long term too. So flowers don’t just make people feel good because they are given as a gift, they are actually scientifically proven to be natural mood boosters. Research shows that they decrease negative thoughts and emotions, reduce anxiety and increase positive emotions. And on top of all of that, they look pretty, brighten up the home and smell good too!

What are you waiting for?

So there you have it, four reasons to buy a bunch of flowers for your Mum long before Mother’s Day. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but the small gesture will make a big difference.