A Handy Guide on Holiday Wines to be Considered by Vegetarians and Vegans


During holiday seasons, people tend to eat and drink more than their normal share for a few weeks. If you are on to this page, then you may be already interested in knowing about wine and dining to feel good during the festivities.


However, making such a choice is a bit difficult for vegetarians and vegans, especially if you are hosting a party to some of that category at home. So, we have put together some wine guidelines to explain the fundamentals of wine and dine pairing principles, the best vegetarian and vegan wine options, and some tips for finding the right category of wine to make your meal special.


Basics of wine pairing


While doing wine pairing, there tend to be some strong overlapping of various flavors between wine and food which may intensify the similarities. The perfect pairing will help enhance the shared stages and will let your taste buds to reveal that experience.


In the complementary pairings principles, food and wine share only very few overlapping characteristics that make it more balance and contrast. For example, creamy pasta paired with Sauvignon Blanc (acidic), then the nuttiness of sauce in your pasta dish may center on the acidity feel of the wine, and the acidity may also lift the density of sauce. The principle of ‘opposites attracts’ works well here to make your meal perfect.


Another choice is location-based pairing based on the belief that the cuisines from the same from where the best wines of the world are grown will make the best combination. Say, for example, if you cook a Moroccan dish, then it will be good to add a Spanish made wine or Italian or France coast variety as listed at Sokolin. Even though Italian and France are not similar to Morocco, these countries also have the same Mediterranean climate, so produce wines with the same characteristics.


Is wine vegan?


The simple answer is no. Modern day wine drinkers want their shots to be clear and sediment-free. To meet this need, winemakers tend to clarify the wines before bottling. Some of such clarifying agents used are animal-based products like fish bladder, egg white, etc.


In addition to using non-vegan add-ons during mass production of wine, there may also be some additives used for add-on flavor, etc. which are alarming to vegetarians and vegans.


However, you can get specific vegan wines on the store if you are especially looking for it. You can check providers like Barnivore offering a unique listing of vegan alcoholic products on their store. If this is a mandatory need for you to stock vegan, then pay some extra to get some produced vegan wines. You can feel the difference in its taste itself.


Some holiday pairing options


Here, let’s have a quick looking at some of the best wines to consider for your holiday pairing.


For Thanksgiving:





Pinot Noir


For winter holidays:


Cabernet Franc




Cabernet Sauvignon


For New Year:







I hope this information has helped you. Open wine your friends this holiday and make them amazed with your sense of choice in terms of dine-wine pairing and also the perfect choice to mark each one taste.