A Smoker’s Guide to a Superior Experience


Smoking marijuana is a simple thing. You light the plant on fire (or heat it up to vaporize the THC), breathe it in, and bam: You’re all set. But that doesn’t mean that a simple smoking method is always the equal of fancier ones. There’s a reason that there is such a market for fancy bongs and high-end strains of marijuana. As classic as the rolled joint is, you can turn to so many other places for superior smoking experiences.

So if you want to enjoy the high life while you’re enjoying your high, read on. We’ll cover the essentials of a luxury smoking experience, including all of the stuff that you’ll need to purchase to complete your high-rolling high. This is a smoker’s guide to a superior experience.

Brand names, brand names, brand names

In most cases, Americans love their brand names. Studies show we’ll go out of our way to buy goods from names that we trust. That makes sense.

But in some cases, we’re too quick to buy the cheap stuff. Take marijuana-related goods, for instance. Decades of prohibition have conditioned too many of us to treat marijuana accessories as contraband — shady stuff to be hidden away and, if necessary, ditched.

But news flash, folks: Marijuana is legal in 10 states as well as in the District of Columbia. Smoking a joint is really no different from sipping a glass of whiskey, legally speaking. Yet while we’re proudly displaying our decanters, too many of us are still stashing dirty gas-station bongs in shoeboxes.

Upgrade to brand name stuff, like Heady glass. Plan to keep your good stuff for the long run, and budget accordingly. Care for and clean your best gear. That way, you’ll never be ashamed to take it out.

Plus, getting high-quality brand-name bongs and bubblers means you’ll enjoy all of the best features. You’ll get ice catches to cool your smoke, for instance. Once you enjoy some of the really high-end smoking devices, you won’t be going back.

Variety and quality

Have you ever been a guest in someone’s home and been wowed by their liquor cabinet or wine cellar? You can do that, too — with marijuana.

Your local legal dispensary will have lots of knowledgeable folks on hand to help you build a collection of strains and types that will rival any liquor cabinet. Learn the difference between Sativa and indica, get some different strains, and store everything carefully so that it lasts. You’ll have lots of great options when you feel like smoking, and you’ll be able to offer guests their favorite type of high. Fancy, right?

Nail the ambiance

Ambiance. Atmosphere. They’re huge factors in fine dining. So why not in smoking?

Well, they are, actually. The environment you create around yourself when you smoke can have a profound effect on your relaxation and your smoking experience. That’s why you should invest in the accessories that make smoking better.

You can get some complementary aromas in the air while you smoke or vape by investing in nice scented candles or incense. Choose wisely, because you don’t want to make your home smell like a head shop (or maybe you do, in which case you should go with the most stoner-ish incense you can find — we don’t judge). For high-end aromas, look for fancy candles from luxury brands. Meanwhile, stay on top of cleaning and changing bong water so that other, nastier smells don’t ruin your space.

Make your smoking area comfortable. Cozy furniture arranged for conversation is great for groups, and a bowl of nuts or other snacks would be a nice addition for those who get the munchies.

As a finishing touch, upgrade your stash box. When you’re pulling your smoking accessories out of velvet pouches, wooden boxes, or elegant ceramic containers, things just feel classier — and a superior smoking experience follows.