Architec Housewares Gripperwood Concave Cutting Board


For the home chef on your holiday shopping list (who seems to have everything), take a look at the Gripperwood Concave Cutting Board from Architec Housewares. It’s more than just an ordinary cutting board— this baby is sleek but slightly curvy to prevent contamination when prepping meats for your meals.

With the naked eye it’s barely noticeable but the Gripperwood Concave Cutting Board is just as it’s name says— concave right in the center so you don’t have to worry about the juices from those meats coming into contact with other ingredients or foods nearby.

This is extremely handy when you’re cutting up poultry like chicken and turkey, and other juicy meats which tend to leak out all over your counter, making a huge mess. With the Gripperwood, those juices stay put where they’re supposed to be.

The Gripperwood cutting board is also the perfect size for large cuts of meat, even a whole turkey. Plus, the thickness is awesome— not that typically thin cheapo stuff you see in most retailers. And the finish is extremely beautiful too!

I especially love the nonskid “feet” on the bottom which prevents slipping when you’re cutting up foods. Now I don’t have to chase my meals around when I’m in prep mode. That was SO annoying with my old cutting boards.

The Architec Housewares Gripperwood Concave Cutting Board measures 14″ x 18″ x 1″ in size and reserves up to 1/4 cup of juices in the center. I told you it was awesome!


This product would make an amazing gift for any cook— beginners, seasoned and professionals alike.

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