Best Careers For People Who Enjoy Helping Others


Some would say the job of taking care of others is a calling. They feel as if they were meant to be doing this work and find great satisfaction in it. And helping others doesn’t mean having to sacrifice one’s own personal gain for the promotion of others. There are many careers that are excellent for someone who loves to help others achieve their goals and dreams. It’s a way to make a comfortable living as a sort of reward for helping people along their paths, whatever they might be.


Nursing degrees range from the certified nursing assistant, or CNA,all the way up to BSN, or  Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Many people start out as CNAs so they can find out if they like the idea of working in the medical field. Many go back to school in order to get their Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) degree, which takes about a year. More advanced degrees are available as an option to keep moving up the chain, but all revolve around helping people in one way or another at some stage of their lives.

Job Recruiting

Job recruiting in various fields is more than just finding people to hire for a position. It’s about searching out the best available talent for the opening and helping get people into roles that are suited for them. Searching for the right person for the job is a labor of love as the recruiter has to go through multiple resumes, narrow the field down to a few qualified candidates, and then go further to find that one person who has what it takes. In turn, the recruiter puts forward that candidate for hiring, helping that person find a new job that uses his or her skills and talents to the fullest. There is a deep satisfaction knowing that someone has been helped to find a job that he or she can excel in.


The role of therapist comes in many different forms, ranging from physical to personal well-being. At the core of all of the therapist jobs is the fact that the work is about helping others feel better. Therapy jobs for the body involve helping people rehabilitate a part of the body that has diminished function, while massage therapy helps people relax and get rid of aggravating aches and pains. Mental therapy is the job of listening to people talk about their problems and helping them find ways out of them. Sometimes it’s more about the listening than it is suggesting to someone what they might to do improve their situation. Both types of therapy roles help people leave the office feeling better than when they arrived, giving satisfaction to the person who helped them.

It may take a little work to figure out exactly what job someone is best suited for. Even though someone has a predisposition to help others, they may be suited for some roles more so than others. The goal is to find a job that rewards mentally and financially for the best of both worlds.