Better Safe Than Sorry: 4 Tips to Prevent Locking Your Children in the Car

Every year, numerous children suffer from problems related to being locked in a car. Sadly, many of the cases result in children dying from heatstroke or hypothermia. Parenting is tough and requires a significant amount of attention to detail. Little distractions can end up as big problems, especially when babies and toddlers are locked inside of cars on days with extreme weather conditions.


Fortunately, there are steps parents and caregivers can take to avoid accidentally locking children in a car. At, we have helped many families get their children out of locked cars. We hope that these tips will help you keep your children safe at all times:


  1. Put a locksmith’s number in your phone

If you accidentally lock your child in your car, the last thing you want to do is waste your time searching for a locksmith. Instead, put a locksmith’s number in your phone so you can quickly find it and get your child out of the car. Choose a locksmith that is located near your home or workplace so they can get to your car as quickly as possible. Some locksmiths have different phone numbers for traditional work hours and for 24-hour emergencies, so put both on your phone.


  1. Keep your keys on your person

When you have young children, you quickly learn that they can get into anything and everything. This includes car keys. To be sure that you always have your keys on you, put them on a lanyard.


As soon as you arrive at your destination, put the lanyard around your neck. It’s an easy habit to do and will ensure that you always keep your keys on your body so you never lock them in your car. Some lanyards have break-away key fobs, but this won’t help you keep your keys on your body. If you do not like the full lanyard, wrist lanyards are another option that can also work.


  1. Have a spare set of keys

Having a spare set of keys in a convenient location is a great way to prevent a child from suffering in the heat or cold. Maybe you have a spare in your wallet or purse. You might have one at work or at home. When parents lock their children in the car, they usually do it near the places they visit frequently.


  1. Hold hands in the parking lot

Parking lots and streets are dangerous places for young children. If you are fumbling around for your keys, your child could run off into dangerous traffic. To avoid this problem, once your child is old enough, implement the rule to hold hands in the parking lot. Every time you are near a street or a parking lot, require that your child holds your hand or the strap of your purse or a pocket on your pants. This habit will always keep your child within a safe reach, and help you focus on your task without worrying your child will run.

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