Can a Sofa Define Your Home?


While this might sound like a random question, the truth is that it is not. Your home is a part of you. So, each and every aspect of your home should reflect what you stand for and who you are. And just like each one of us have a unique personality, your home and all the contents in your home should also have the same; even a sofa. My living room has a huge sofa made of wood with exquisite carvings on it. The carvings have been inspired by the Indian culture and have pure golden pieces fitted into it.

I had never actually given a second thought to home furnishing till recently. It was a visit to my friend’s new home that changed my perception. I remember entering her home and instantly relating her choice of furniture to the person that she is. Her home was as beautiful and stylish as she is. At that very instant I made it my mission to transform my home into an extended part of me. Then I started with the numerous visits to the furniture store across town to find the right mix of classy and stylish home furniture. The antique wooden sofa in the living room, the colorful wooden chairs in the garden and the glass table, each piece of my home furnishing speak a story of their own.

Finding the right furniture is not as easy as it sounds. However the hard work and trouble is totally worth it. It is overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. The ideal way to start with the process of home improvement is by putting together a detailed plan. From amount of space available to budget allocation, the plan will help you transform your home into your dream home in no time. You should also do a thorough online search about the types of furniture available in the market and their reviews. This will give you a broader picture about the options that you have. Speaking to experts specializing in interior designing or home improvement is also an option that can be explored.

There are also a host of furniture stores that customize their designs as per the requirement. I personally feel that this option works better than ready-made furniture as more often than not people do not like the piece as a whole. Customization helps you put together two or more designs together to create a unique projection of your likes. Less is more nowadays so also keep in mind not to squeeze in too many design elements into a single piece. You can also add interesting color palettes for that extra spunk to your home.

Lastly, always get a second person’s opinion. Once you have shortlisted and finalized the furniture sets, colors etc. it is important to run it past someone who knows you well. Their reaction to the suggestions will let you know if your ideas and selections actually reflect ‘you’ as a person. So, go ahead and make your home.

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