What Does the Condition of Your Dog’s Coat Tell You?

Is your dog’s normally lustrous coat looking a little less than picture perfect as of late? Does it seem to have lost some of its shine and softness? Did you know that your dog’s coat can act as an indicator of its health? There are actually all kinds of things their coat can tell you about them, both physically and mentally, which will allow you to better maintain your dog’s coat.

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When It’s Not Just a Bad Hair Day

We’ve all had them before, the notorious bad hair day where it’s best to either plop a hat on your head or throw your long locks back in a ponytail. We don’t pay it much mind because we know as soon as we wash and restyle it, our hair will be back to normal. With dogs, it’s not usually that easy. Sure, they may be having a bad hair day from running around at the wet and muddy dog park, but in general they don’t just wake up with a bad hair day.

If your dog’s coat seems to be losing its shine, is looking matted and tangled, falling out, or clumping, there is more going on than just a bad hair day.

What Does a Poor Coat Mean?

When your dog’s coat is in poor condition this is a sign they may be suffering from emotional or physical ailments. Some common reasons that their coat may not be looking great are parasites, fleas, and ticks. Each of these can lead to rather serious issues in your dog, so they shouldn’t be ignored.

A poor coat can also point to emotional stress. Perhaps you have just moved, introduced another dog into the home, had a baby, or your work schedule has changed, there are so many factors that can cause a dog stress.

Then there is nutrition. Nutrition is usually the biggest culprit when it comes to a poor coat. Dogs need a diet with the proper balance of amino acids and protein in order to have that beautiful thick and shiny coat. Proper nutrition also affects the health of their scalp, which is vital to hair growth.

What are the Common Signs

If you aren’t sure what to look for when examining your dog’s coat, here are the common signs of an unhealthy coat:

  • Their skin is irritated (red and/or inflamed), bumpy, greasy, or flaky
  • Their fur is brittle and coarse to the touch
  • Their fur has no shine or sheen to it
  • They are suddenly losing more hair than normal

What Can You Do?

So, what can you do to help improve the health of their coat? Well you can start by making sure your dog is properly groomed. This means you are not over-bathing them, you brush them on a regular basis, and you remove any matts or tangles in their fur.

It’s also a good idea to examine the ingredients in their food to ensure it’s a healthy well-balanced choice. In many cases, the dog may benefit from taking supplements meant to fill in those areas that are lacking. Omega 6 is a key ingredient in helping to create and maintain a shiny coat and healthy scalp.

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