Cuddle Barn Bears Make the Perfect Holiday Gift!


While I was sitting at home by the fireplace sipping on my hot apple cider, I started thinking about getting my Christmas decorations out and start setting them up while we still have some decent weather here in the Midwest.

I never get into the holiday spirit this early, but for some reason this year, I’m totally feeling it. It could be because of all the cute holiday decorations I’ve received this year.

Like these two adorable and cuddly bears from Cuddle Barn.

The Nutcracker Teddie and Cookie Grandma!

Not only are these adorable Teddie’s dressed to impressed, but they tell stories too!

Nutcracker Teddy tell the Nutcracker Story, yes this little guy reads you the story while moving as well. As well as songs from the Nutcracker. I defiantly recommend this Nutcracker Teddie if you have family over on the Holidays and would love to listen to a very soft spoken story of The Nutcracker!

A little preview of Nutcracker Teddie!

The adorable Grandma Cookie Teddie shares her favorite Gingerbread recipe. She is sure to warm up the holidays while helping you bake cookies! And that is what her and I are going to go do now!

A little preview of Grandma Cookie!

After we are done baking out cookies both Nutcracker Teddie and Grandma Cookie Teddie are going up on the mantle to wait for Santa’s arrival!

Both of these adorable bears make wonderful holiday gifts. Or, like me the perfect holiday decoration!

Cuddly Bears offers a complete line of cuddly friends like Diva Debbiea cute puppy that sings “How Will Know If You Love Me”. She is simply adorable!

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