These Dental Mistakes Have A Nasty Bite


You probably think it’s easy to look after your toothy pegs. After all, you just need to make sure you are brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing occasionally and using mouthwash every so often. Nothing too tricky about that is there? Be careful though because even if you are doing all these things, you could still be making mistakes that will be affecting your oral health.

How Long Do You Brush For?

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If you’re not brushing for long enough, using a toothbrush will be a rather pointless exercise. For instance, spending less than thirty seconds on your teeth will have roughly the same impact as spending the time staring at a mirror. Instead, you should be aiming to spend approximately two minutes brushing so about four minutes every day. If you don’t know how to keep track of the time, you can get brushes with timers. They’ll let you know when you’re actually done.

Wrong Angle?

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When you brush your teeth, it’s important that you’re using the brush at the right angle and starting at the correct point. Otherwise, you’re going to find that you’re missing out on key areas. If that happens, you can expect a stern word or two next time you visit the dentist. They’ll show you that you’ve missed certain areas of your teeth out completely.

Delayed Treatment

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If you have an issue with your teeth, you shouldn’t just leave it alone. This will cause it to gradually get worse. Eventually, you’ll find that either a tooth needs removing or you need surgical treatment. This isn’t an exaggeration so make sure that you are looking for emergency dentistry and dentists nearby where you live if you have a serious problem. Even leaving it for a day could make the issue a lot worse.

Too Much Brushing

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If you brush too frequently, it can be just as damaging as not brushing at all. Brushing after every meal, for instance, can cause the gum line to wear down creating the same impact as plaque on the teeth. That’s why dentists recommend the golden two minutes for brushing. Any longer and you could start to do some damage.

Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening toothpaste can have adverse effects, wearing away your tooth enamel until they start to look transparent. If you love having bright, white teeth, you need to think about long-term whitening treatments instead. You can get these prescribed by trained dentists, and while they are more expensive, they are also more effective.

Too Hard

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Finally, you do want to be careful when choosing a toothbrush. A lot of people make the mistake of choosing a hard brush over one with softer bristles. Dentists advise against this because a hard brush will hurt. This will make you more reluctant to brush your teeth. Using a soft brush will make it a lot easier for you and encourage you to brush more regularly.

Are you making these common dental mistakes? If you are, it’s time to course correct and start cleaning your teeth far more effectively.