Five Common Causes of Insomnia


A person who has trouble sleeping a few nights in a row, but soon returns to a normal routine doesn’t have insomnia. The sleep disruption may have been caused by illness or a temporary situation that caused a lot of stress. Alternatively, when a person has insomnia, he or she has a chronic problem getting to sleep and staying asleep. Look at five common causes of insomnia.

Feeling Stressed Out

It’s difficult for a person who feels stressed throughout the day to calm down and immediately fall asleep at night. In short, people can’t hit a switch to turn off stressful feelings just because it’s time to go to sleep. Oftentimes, experiencing stress can cause fitful sleep as well as prevent a person from getting to sleep. RediCalm is one example of a remedy that can help people to feel calm before trying to sleep.

Drinking Caffeine Too Close to Bedtime

Soda, coffee, tea and even chocolate contain caffeine. Drinking caffeinated beverages just a few hours before going to bed can prevent people from falling to sleep. Caffeine can make a person feel jittery and wide awake. Sometimes simply stopping the caffeinated drinks approximately four hours before bedtime can help people fall to sleep more easily.

Checking Technological Devices While in Bed

Many people work on their laptop or look at their phone while in bed. These bad habits can definitely affect a person’s ability to go to sleep. The light from a phone or laptop stimulates a person’s brain making it very hard to achieve the calm needed to sleep. An easy solution to this would be to designate a time to turn off technological devices in order to get the rest necessary to tackle the next day. It helps if people fully understand the importance of restful sleep and how it can affect a person’s health.

A Temperature Issue in the Room

A room that is too cold or too hot can affect a person’s ability to go to sleep. It’s a good idea to check the thermostat before going to bed to make sure the temperature stays at a mild 72 degrees or so throughout the house. A simple temperature adjustment can contribute to a better sleep.

Noisy Surroundings

Some people can sleep regardless of the noises all around them. Other people cannot go to sleep or wake up at the least bit of noise. These noises can range from a refrigerator fan kicking on to a dog’s tags jingling as it walks around the house at night. People who are sensitive to noise should take steps to prevent sounds from waking them up. For instance, wearing earplugs can help to filter out noises that can prevent a good night’s sleep. Taking something like RediNite can also help people to fall into a restful sleep regardless of the noises in the environment around them.

These are just a few of the causes for insomnia. It’s a smart idea for individuals suffering from insomnia to take a close look at their sleeping environment, stress level and use of technological devices. Examining these things can help a person to determine what changes can be made to make a full night’s sleep a priority.