Flirty Thirty: Better Than Ever But Is Your Health?


Congratulations! You’ve hit the big three-oh and whether you’re wholeheartedly embracing the next stage of your life by hitting the club, or consoling yourself with an entire bar of Hershey’s chocolate thirty really is the best decade of a woman’s life. Why? Well, you’ve probably got your career fairly on track. You may even be already married or living with someone, and there’s a chance you’re  hoping to hear the patter of tiny feet sooner rather than later too! Yes, the future’s looking pretty rosy, but as you enter your prime you need to consider your health as your body won’t be quite as resilient now as it was in your twenties.

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Actively Tone Those Muscles

It’s not the scientific fact you want to hear but from here on in your body is starting to lose muscle mass, so you need to make sure you’re exercising regularly, something like aerobics, yoga or Zumba that’ll strengthen muscles at the same time as giving you a full body workout. However, something you may not have considered is strength training, not only will lifting weights benefit you in the years to come it can help rebuild torn muscles as well as keep your bones nice and supple well into old age.

Change Your Diet

Another thing that happens post thirty is that your metabolism starts to slow down and your diet, hormone levels, and even genetics can all play a part in weight gain. It’s not something to panic over, but it’s important to remember you won’t be able to snack like there’s no tomorrow, like in your twenties, and not notice your jeans becoming more than a little snug. To stay in shape, you should look to include plenty of raw, leafy greens and pulses, lentils and beans in your diet as well as eating lots of oily fish and white meat. Try to avoid eating processed foods, or anything that’s high in fat, salt and processed sugar and instead snack on nuts or fruit.

There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Even though we’ve known for a long time smoking isn’t good for us, lots of women still have the odd cigarette or two which isn’t only harmful to your health but again has an impact on your fertility. According to a Lancet study women who quit smoking or cease using

e cigarette tank systems before forty have a 90% chance of avoiding serious health problems that occur later in life such as emphysema, bronchitis and even lung cancer.

Ticking Biological Clock

Scientifically, women are most fertile in their early to mid-twenties, but usually, we’re busy finishing school, starting a graduate job or traveling instead of having babies. However, it’s vital to remember that if you are planning on conceiving once you hit your mid-thirties, your fertility level starts to decline quite sharply. Statistics show that there’s a 75% chance of getting pregnant in your early thirties but only a 65% chance a few years later. You don’t need to worry about freezing your eggs just yet, but if children are something you’d like it’s good to keep an eye on just how much time is passing.

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