Four Jobs Where Communication Is Key


In pretty much all jobs, it’s important to be a good communicator. It’s something that you should always mention in every cover letter you write because no matter what you’re doing, communication will be part of your role, even if it just means getting along with the other people you work with and listening to their ideas. But communication is even more important in some jobs than it is in others – so if you’re a particularly good communicator then here are some ideal roles for you…


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Being able to communicate well in writing is one of the top things that a journalist needs to do. Not only will you need to write good, snappy headlines but you’ll also need to understand how to explain potentially complicated concepts to your readers, whether it’s to do with technology or politics or economics, in a way that’s interesting and informative to read. It’s also important to make sure that you build up good relationships with people in the business – a contacts book is a journalist’s number one weapon so you need to make sure that you’re friendly and open with other people in the profession.


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Young people can often be challenging to work with, so teachers need to learn how to communicate effectively with them. Remember there’s no blanket rule and all children are not the same, so you need to finetune your instincts to figure out what a child needs from you, whether that’s a stern word, an encouraging comment, or a joke to make them smile. As a teacher you need to know how to break down concepts and explain them to pretty much everyone so that they’re easy to understand.


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One of the most important things about being a nurse is knowing how to build relationships with both your patients and their families. Remember that they’re usually at a hospital during the worst time in their life – so you need to be kind and patient and able to assuage their worries easily. Being confident is key – you need to be able to assert yourself with doctors who you might not always have the best relationships with, but you need to remember that often you know your patients best of all and you have a great deal of knowledge about medical procedures and equipment like autoclaves ( to anyone not in the know!) to back up what you’re saying. Being kind and firm and a great communicator will make a great nurse.


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Being able to communicate well is probably the number one skill that any good salesperson needs. Whether you’re getting a meeting with a prospective client or making sure that a long term client sticks with you through thick and thin, you need to know how to talk to people effectively. It’s important to keep it professional at all times, but equally you need to be friendly – remember details about your clients so you can ask about their families and how things are going with them so that you can build up a personal relationship alongside your professional one. You could even make a file with information about your different clients if you need to – just remember that communicating well is the keystone of good customer service.