Four Tips For Remodelling Your Kitchen


When it’s time for us to completely remodel one of our rooms, many of us will put off this daunting task. It’s a large job, especially if you are juggling it with family and work obligations. However, you will certainly benefit if you just get it over and done with. Especially in rooms that are important and central to our home, like the kitchen.


Just think of it like this: the quicker you get started, the sooner it will be over and done with, and you’ll have a sparkling new kitchen. It doesn’t all have to be hard work. Use these five great tips to help you get the work done efficiently.

  • Don’t rest until you’ve found the best contractors

Have a chat with friends and family to see if they can recommend any handymen. Hiring someone who comes personally recommended will give you peace of mind that the job is in safe hands. If no one has any recommendations, it is important to do thorough research into all your local contractors. Give them a call to discuss the work. Speak to them about typical kitchen remodelling timelines to see how fast they think they can do the job. But remember, the fastest worker won’t necessarily be the best!

  • Pick your style before you start

You need to be certain you know what style you want your kitchen in before you start any work. Changing your mind halfway through will only complicate the whole job. Take some time to flick through home decor magazines to see what all the latest fashions and trends are. This is a great way to get inspiration. Another way to be inspired is to visit your local DIY store or IKEA. They often have show kitchens that you can walk through to get an idea of styles.

  • Declutter your kitchen

Before the workmen arrive, you need to clean out everything you can from your old kitchen. This gives you a great chance to declutter all the rubbish you’ve meant to get rid of for so long! Any broken appliances can be thrown out. The same goes for dated furnishings. Don’t just stop at large items! Go through all your cupboards and clear out old cutlery, crockery and dishes you no longer use. While you’re at it, you may as well check your store cupboard to see if there are any tins or packages of food past their use-by date.

  • Keep it simple

Do you really need that extra dishwasher? Sure, making your home super comfortable involves adding a few appliances to make life easier. But that doesn’t mean you should go over the top. Sticking to only necessary appliances and furnishings will keep costs down and will also create a chic, minimalist look. Think about how you use the kitchen. If you are in there most of the day, then a couple of extra appliances could help you work. If you hardly cook, flashy extras will end up being a waste of money.

There’s nothing better than a new kitchen! Start planning your dream remodel today!