Hire a party bus for kids.


Fun for all with a party bus for kids.

Party buses are incredible accessories for any celebration, yet they come into their own with a kiddie’s

party. Whether the final destination is a movie theatre, or a fast food restaurant, a party bus will deliver

the children in the party mood.

A new generation

The traditional birthday party had its day, and like everything else, things move on. The new fashion in

kiddie’s parties is a mobile solution, and with lights, balloons, and streamers, the children are

entertained while traveling to the venue. A party bus for kids is designed for the young, and one can

prepare a USB drive with all their favourite songs, to really make the party swing. If it is a school

group, the teacher can prepare interesting games to play while in the party bus, or perhaps a sing-

along to their favourite tunes.

The venues(s)

Children’s parties require a change of atmosphere, and a single-venue party is low on interest value, as

children have a shorter attention span than adults, and therefore require more stimulation. An

experienced party bus supplier will have set routes, which might include a local fairground or

amusement park. Some children would rather see a show, or perhaps one could arrange a day on the

beach. Whatever the theme of the occasion, the bus provider can tailor a program to suit.

Online service

If you are considering hiring a party bus for kids, there are online suppliers of ideal vehicles,

whatever the occasion. With a pre-planned route that incorporates a range of interesting venues,

Bust A Move are the leaders in this kind of unique party experience, making the event really go with a


Game lovers

Let’s face it, children are gamers, born into the digital age that the rest of us had to adapt to, they

take to computers like ducks to water. A trip to the local gaming arcade would certainly bring a

smile to their faces, and with a stop off at their favourite fast food restaurant, the day will be



All kids love picnics, as do the grown-ups, so why not arrange to have a picnic at a local park? The

party bus collects all the children, and together with all the provisions, set off for a nature spot with

acres of space for the kids to explore nature. Even though the bus rental company has a long list of

interesting places, if one had already a venue in mind, this is can be added to the program, besides,

the party bus people will be familiar with all the local attractions.

A day to remember

It might be a birthday, or to celebrate the school year end, whatever the occasion, a party bus is

ideal. One could add an extra element of surprise, by informing all the kids only of a place and time,

and once they are all assembled, make a call and the party bus will swing around the corner, lights

flashing, and adorned with streamers and balloons. Then the schedule is not revealed to the

children, creating a magical mystery tour that is guaranteed to keep them engaged.

Hiring a party bus brings a unique flavour to any children’s party, and with a professional company,

all is arranged, leaving the adults free to enjoy the festivities.