How Can You Prevent Student Debts


If you are studying in a college, it is obvious that you are going to end up with a huge amount of student debt. Almost each and every student is going to receive one or the other kind of student loan in order to complete their college successfully. However, after you have completed your graduation, it is obvious that this debt is going to be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are certain ways, which can help you to relieve not only debt but also the stress that is going to go along. If you follow certain simple tips, it will be extremely easy for you to avoid the debt associated with student loans. According to, the average debts of students are almost $38,390.

Given below is a list of the tips that you need to follow in order to avoid debt.

Save money right from the beginning

If you are capable of saving money right from the time when you have started college, it is not going to be a huge problem for you to repay all these loan amounts in order to avoid going into student loan debt. You can also opt for part time jobs, have yard sales, or even begin savings accounts so that you have extra money for clearing all your payments and student loans, which are going to accumulate quickly.

Take all the time you need and do not remain in a hurry

It is true that each and every person wants to complete their graduation and start their new career as early as possible. However, it is significant for you to understand that if you are enrolled for a really long time in your college, it will be easier for you to clear your loans. It is a great idea to try any part-time job or opt for part-time school. It is true that this method will not work for every person but it is definitely going to help in easing out the stress. This will help you to earn money as well as plan properly, as to how you can start clearing your loans with time.

Getting scholarships

There is a huge difference that lies between a scholarship and a loan. The difference is that you will not need to pay for any scholarship. There are hundreds of scholarships available, and hence it is important that you look into them as early as possible. The more awards you receive, the lesser will be the money that you have to keep aside for clearing your student loans. Even if you are having a number of small scholarships, you need to know that each and every bit will help you to tackle the balance of the student loan.

Try out for internships

It is true that numerous internships will not pay you any money but there will also be certain internships, which will definitely pay a certain sum. It is not going to earn you a lot of money in comparison to the full-time jobs, but it is obvious that it will be easy for you to earn your paycheck, and also gain experience, while you are doing so. Ensure that you are doing your homework and make sure that you find an ideal internship, with local companies, which are responsible for offering ideal positions for the college students, on basis of the subject that you are studying. If you have a huge amount of student debt, you can go through the debt settlement ratings before deciding whether to settle your debts or not.

Getting granted grants

Almost similar to a scholarship, a grant does not have to be paid and is responsible for going towards a college education. The government is responsible for offering numerous grants to the students but you have to remain extremely careful and pay attention to all the associated guidelines before you are applying. A grant is normally given to a person who has a certain financial difficulty and on the other hand, scholarships are provided to those students who have unique talents in sports, arts, writing, as well as numerous other facets. The financial help counselor can help you to walk through the process of a grant application and help you to understand if you are going to qualify.

Apart from clearing the student debts, it is obvious that you are going to require money when you are studying. College students have a tight budget. Right from paying for their books, room as well as board, to spending time with their friends, there is no denying the fact that college is extremely expensive. It is a great idea to understand as to how you can budget the money before you are going to college so that you are not ending up in a huge amount of debt, especially when it is time to clear your monthly bills. Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow in order to ensure that you are planning a proper budget.

Avoiding credit cards

It has become common for a credit card company to prey on the college students. It is crucial that you avoid applying for a credit card or there is a high chance that you are going to end up with a lot of debt, than only your student loan. It cannot be denied that a credit card is going to be great when you are in an emergency situation, but since it is going to be tempting, it is best that you avoid applying for your credit card.

Writing down expenses

Budgeting is probably the best way of saving money and also, the ideal way of clearing the bills on the proper time. It is important that you write everything down from your bills to the money that you are spending weekly on things like food, purchasing new clothes, or even hanging out with your friends. When you will be able to observe everything right in front of your eyes, it will be simple to understand the extra amount that you might need to spend.


As a student, it is not unusual to have difficulties in managing money. However, if you follow all the tips that have been mentioned above, it will be easier for you to stay away from student debts.