How I Found Peace with My Child by Changing the Mattress?


It was my first month of being a mother and the excitement, emotions, and feelings were certainly on another level. Having my child beside me, waking up time and time again during the night, feeding him – it was more like a dream come true. As the time passed by, I started noticing and even my husband pointed out that the child was always in discomfort. Even after feeding, she never slept comfortably.

My first thoughts were maybe she is having some pain in the stomach or there is some other illness which we are not able to identify. After trying different things and getting an opinion from my friends, we decided to consult a doctor. “Seeing my baby in discomfort and crying all the time made me really upset and at one point, I started feeling helpless”, this was the worst feeling I could ask for or even imagine.

My husband and I finally took an appointment with a child specialist and took the baby on the given day. The doctor was kind enough and performed several tests to ascertain if the pain or discomfort was due to some illness because, in the majority, the problem is because of stomach problems. Shockingly, nothing was found and the only thing the doctor told us was to check if the cot or the bed where the baby rests is okay. “Is he a fool or does he really think we are naïve enough to believe what he is saying?” I thought to myself. We decided to get another opinion from another doctor but they said the same thing and this was the point when we realized that something is wrong.

We also asked some of the friends and even posted on Facebook if this could be the reason for the baby’s behavior. The supporting answers that we received were eye-opening and we got to hear a lot of stories as well. One mother shared how she managed to change her newborn by making sure that the baby’s bed is comfortable. By this point, I was convinced that it is not the baby but the bed that needs to be checked carefully. What I realized that the surface of the mattress was not plain but a bit curved. Moreover, it was too stiff for the baby. So, I made a quick research about the best hybrid mattress
As expected, there were a lot of brands available on the internet with a lot of views and I just wanted the perfect one for me and my child so that we can get the peace we were looking for. After long research and reading the reviews, I finally found the twin size memory foam mattress in king dimensions. It was the perfect fit for our bed and possessed all the qualities to be called the right mattress. The firmness was modest and kept the posture normal. When I finally see my baby sleeping in peace and growing, it gives me a lot of relief. I would recommend all other moms to pay attention to the bed where the baby rests because it can go a long way in making them grow without sacrificing your own peace.