How To End UTIs Permanently


When it comes to ending UTIs permanently, it’s important to switch from a treatment-centered approach to a prevention-focused approach. If you’re particularly susceptible to recurring infections of your urinary tract, there are things you can do on a regular basis to boost your body’s natural defense systems and make your urinary tract less hospitable to undesirable bacteria. Here are a few alternatives to antibiotics that can help you prevent UTIs naturally and effectively.

  1. Avoid Getting Dehydrated

It’s surprisingly easy to become dehydrated, especially if you have a busy schedule that keeps you distracted from taking care of yourself. When you’re prone to urinary tract infections, it’s important to keep water in your system constantly. Drinking throughout the day will flush out some or all of the bacteria that can cause infection.

  1. Don’t Get Lazy After Intimacy

UTIs after sex are common, but you can keep them from occurring by being proactive after intimacy. It’s nice to stay and cuddle after sex, but your first order of business should be to urinate and wipe the area around your vagina and urethra with a wet wipe. This will help remove bacteria introduced to the area during intercourse.

  1. Consume Antioxidants

Eating foods rich in antioxidants can give your immune system a little extra help fighting off bad bacteria. Beets, cranberries, citrus fruits and berries are all good sources of antioxidants. In addition to consuming more of these foods on a regular basis, you can also boost your body’s defense systems by consuming products that contain concentrated amounts of these ingredients. Look for a product that also has d-mannose, which may help flush bacteria from your body and help you maintain a healthy pH that is inhospitable to undesirable bacteria.

Antibiotics can get rid of your UTI, but they do so at a high cost to your health. There are many natural and safe alternatives to antibiotics out there. Instead of waiting until you get your next infection, use the above preventative measures to keep your urinary tract healthy.