How To Make Your Property’s Garden Appeal To The Family Market


If you’re hoping to sell or lease your property in the future, and are aiming for the family market; one of the key areas to take care of is the garden space. The outdoor area of a property is often neglected and last on the list when it comes to resale; however, ensuring that the backyard is safe and invited to parents and young children, could seal the deal when it comes to a sale. The following are some ideas to consider if you’re planning to spruce up your garden and attract potential family buyers or renters.

Safety First

Children have a knack of falling over and running off when they shouldn’t, so providing a family with a safe haven, that they can imagine relaxing in and enjoying, should be a priority. Try and think about potential garden hazards and do your best to eliminate them completely. If there’s debris, like rocks, branches, and any trash, lying around; spend a weekend cleaning it all away. Ensure that paved areas are swept and that you’ve mowed the lawn; this will ensure that anyone viewing your property will be able to clearly see the space, picture what they want to do with it, and envision enjoying their new backyard.

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You’ll need to make sure that the garden is secure, to prevent children and pets from escaping (or, as they will see it, going on an adventure). A sturdy wood fence or barrier will put a parent’s mind at ease, and if you have provided one in your garden, families won’t have to worry about any serious risks to their child’s safety. Fencing can also provide a decorative feature, and privacy, which will attract those who enjoy spending long summer days outside.

An Appealing Space

Tarmacking the whole of your outdoor space isn’t going to attract any potential buyers or people who want to lease, let alone families. Making the garden as inviting and as visually pleasing as possible is an investment that will attract offers, as people will imagine themselves enjoying the space, family BBQs, and the little ones running around in the summer.

If you don’t want to start digging up your lawn and don’t have a naturally green thumb, then pot plants and flower boxes are the perfect way to introduce some flora and fauna into the space. You can liven up paved areas with colorful flowers, and incorporate some garden seating to set the scene fully. Check out some garden furniture ideas here: and start planning where pieces will look the best. Keep in mind that a garden should satisfy all the senses, so sweet smelling plants will make a great addition to patio and decking areas; try and place them near to the backdoor, so that the smell hits people as they are entering the garden.

Putting a little investment and effort into the outdoor space of your property will help you to sell and rent to the family market. Remember that if you have no idea where to start, you can look online as to what low-maintenance plants to buy, and the staff at your local garden center will be more than happy to help you find simple and effective items, that will give you a dream backyard.

Garden Appeal To The Family Market

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