Memorable All Inclusive Wedding Packages That You Can Choose From


A wedding is a very joyous occasion not only because it unites two people in love in sacred matrimony but also because it brings families together through this very union. Back in the days, a betrothed couple planned and prepared their wedding on their own with only the help of well-meaning friends and relatives. These days, though, a couple can somewhat sit back, relax, and delegate most of the practical details of the planning stages to their wedding planner.

It’s a good thing that wedding planners have become more creative in determining what would work well for a couple’s wedding. In fact, those who have been dealing with clients for the longest time have collated all of the ideas they have worked on and created all inclusive wedding packages to make it easier for couples to choose the best one for them. These packages boast of different concepts and these are made to fit the budget of the couple.

What’s even more remarkable is the fact that the concepts behind these packages are unique. That gives engaged couples the guarantee that their wedding would be different from others and surely worth remembering.

A great determining factor that dictates the outcome of a wedding is the couple’s budget. Indeed, there is no limit to how far a wedding planner can go in setting up a wedding and neither is there a boundary to how creative his or her imagination can get as long as the couple can afford to spend money however much it takes.

Some wedding packages are theme-specific. This means a wedding planner takes a theme, puts together various elements related to that theme, and presents the idea to the couple. The theme could be anything – Hollywood theme (where the couple and their guests get treated to wedding similar to that of big-name stars), fantasy theme (picture a wedding straight out of the pages of a fairy tale), and many more.

However, for those with money to burn, they can have a wedding package that takes their entourage and guests to other parts of the world. Here are three examples:

1. Las Vegas wedding package – Modern couples will love this one, especially those who want to experience the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. This would work well if the wedding planner knows many people in Las Vegas or can get a hold of one of the famous wedding chapels there. To keep the interest of guests going, they may be booked in one of the famous hotels in Vegas and enjoy a night in the casinos.

2. Bali wedding package – Indonesia has become one of the favorite places of people who want an unforgettable rest and relaxation getaway. In particular, the pristine waters of Bali have become one of the most exotic wedding destinations there is. This is perfect for couples who love the beach and want a tropical feel to their wedding. Of course, a beach wedding would be in order while a whole night of partying and dancing is expected to cap the night.

3. Greece wedding package – This exotic location is perfect for an unforgettable wedding celebration. Since Greece has now become a favorite tourist destination, many travel agencies are offering travel packages to the country. The beaches and ocean view of Kefalonia can serve as a backdrop to the wedding of the century. Nevertheless, if a couple decides to get married here, details of the wedding need to planned months (or even a year) in advance.


Sasha Eccleston is a writer working with a team of wedding planners and specializing on popular and unforgettable wedding destinations.