Modern Devices Geared Especially For Moms On The Go


The modern mother must still have all the qualities of moms gone by. She must be strong, patient, understanding, adaptive, cool under pressure, an expert at time management, an innovative cook and possess a sixth-sense about the health of her child. All those words have tremendous meaning in the hustle and bustle life of intuitive parents; after all, those skills are required in the full-time job of being a mother. But adaptive, has taken on a whole new world. Some technology is specifically geared toward parents in order to make their lives more intricate and ready with multiple solutions for every circumstance.


A Fitbit Flex is a tracker that’s worn on the wrist. It measures your activity level and exercises you perform throughout the day. A diet and sleep planner monitors your progress over the week and sets you targets and goals to achieve. It will get you motivated as while it sits on your wrist, it’s always in your peripheral vision, thus constantly challenging you to live a healthy lifestyle. It can also track your steps, sleep patterns and caloric intake. Fitbit doesn’t judge you; it supports you, so don’t think of it as a nagging robot that follows you everywhere.

Image source – Ilya Plekhanov

More power captain

If you find yourself routinely working into the late hours of the night, and waking up early in the morning to get the kids ready for school and suddenly you realize your smartphone is dead, then get yourself a power bank. A portable reservoir of power, able to charge your phone, laptop, tablet or similar technology, on the go. This device comes in extremely handy in running your day-to-day errands e.g. after you drop the kids off at school, you need to access your planner on your phone, but the battery is empty thus ruining your day; however, with a power bank that’s neatly stored in your glove compartment, simply charge your phone on the go and carry on with your day. How many times in your life, have you just wished your phone was fully charged so your tasks could be done that day? It’s one of the banes of modern life, but now there’s no excuse to have your day come to such an early end.


At the end of a long hard day, you’re partial a bit of sultry wine to soothe the senses. Sometimes, however, necessity takes over, and if you’ve opened a bottle of wine, the pressure is on to drink the wine before it goes flat. Coravin is a device designed to stop you from having to drink all the wine in an unseemly time schedule. It uses a needle to pierce through the cork and pour out the win at your leisure, without fouling acidity by letting the air react with the alcohol. This would facilitate your health goals by not forcing you to drink the bottle before your money is wasted by the chemical reaction that occurs when the wine is first contacted with the air.