Moving On Up! Acquiring A New Property And What You Need To Do


Moving into a new property, either for the first time, or for the millionth time is an experience. With all the stress that comes with packing your stuff and moving everything, you wouldn’t want to do it again any time soon. If you have never moved into a property before, maybe you have been living with parents and haven’t been able to afford to move out? The thrill of going to your own home is the feeling of independence and freedom. Just before you pick up the keys, here are some things that you need to make sure you do!

Inspect Your New Home Thoroughly

Look at it properly, are there things that need sorting out? Like electrical issues? Companies like Property Management and others give you the opportunity to shop around properly. You are going to be living there, so make sure it’s the best one it can be!

Sort Out The Final Bills

So you decided on a place. The first thing to do is to contact each energy supplier and local authority and inform them of the date you’re leaving and the  address that you will be moving to, so they can bill you up to that last date.

Pack Your Stuff

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Spending hours going through your past, you realize how much pointless things you’ve acquired. Be ruthless, pictures of old friends are fine, train tickets with an old flame’s number on it isn’t!

Labeling boxes helps to be a massive time saver come moving day. Label the top and side of the boxes with which room they will going to, and put a description of what’s inside. If you’re stuck for cardboard boxes, your local supermarket will have a bunch out back. Just ask in the store.

Redirect Your Post To The New Address

How many things have you ordered online in the past? And did you tell absolutely everyone about where you are going to? Getting a redirection service will take away the pressure of changing your address on every single thing.

Get The Right Transportation

While your father means well with his spacious hatchback, it may not be able to fit everything. So have a think about hiring a van. That way, it will all be transported in one swift move, instead of using a convoy or one car where you may need to make multiple journeys.

Move! Move! Move!

The big day has finally come! Just keep calm and have a system in place, such as one person on the van/car while someone inside can unpack or move items into a place that’s out of the way. Make sure that you move your furniture into the new house first, so you don’t keep having to maneuver boxes every time a new chair comes through the door.

If the weather isn’t overwhelmingly hot outside, flatten some of the cardboard boxes and lay them down to avoid watery or muddy footprints.

Now you’ve got into your new home, take some time to relax. You’ve done a very stressful thing. But it will be worth it.