A Person’s Home Is Their Castle: Making Yourself The Master Of Your House


Our home is usually our most cherished and prized material possession. It’s where we raise our families, store our most valuable belongings, and return to unwind after a busy day earning our keep. It’s natural for us to want to have the biggest, most luxurious homes our budget and taste can muster. You might have heard the saying ‘A man’s home is his castle,’ but with the breadwinning responsibilities not necessarily held by the men in the relationship these days, a modern day saying would be ‘A person’s home is their castle.’ Now, no matter who you are, you deserve to feel like you’re the master of your house, akin to a lord or the Count of Monte Cristo.


This is a romantic way of looking at things, but it’s a great attitude to adopt if you’re going for the best redecoration or home upgrade you can. This list will go into just a few of the options you might like to try if you wake up one day really feeling like you need to stamp your personality all over your personal space. The days of building a moat around your property are long gone, but you can get away with these arguably more tasteful ideas, with less of an impact on your finances.

Personalized Signs

Having a personalized sign made for the house is a beautiful way to introduce your property to those entering it. If your house doesn’t already have a name, why not give it one? This is your property after all. If you have a plethora of holly bushes nearby, why not try a creative name like “The Hollies?” This is your chance to get creative, and it surely does look impressive when people have to address your home on a letter.

It’s difficult to identify whether re-naming your house will add value to your property, but it’ll certainly raise its profile and intrigue.


Building a porch of whatever size gives a nice intermission period before your home is entered, a place to store boots and other outside equipment. It’s a great way to add a second layer of security to your home also because two doors are harder to break into than one. Having a tasteful design built can add market value to your property.


If a person’s home is their castle, their bedroom is their inner sanctum. This is the place you should direct the most amount of home-renovation because it’s where you’re going to spend a third of your life resting your head. Making sure that the room has a serene, light color that doesn’t impose will help you unwind and feel at peace there. For a real kingly touch, why not try king size bed frames? Sleeping on a beautiful, big bed will make you feel like the royal owner of your property. You deserve it.


A Kitchen is the heart of the home and should be treated as such. Keeping clutter to a minimum and allowing a separate place to eat and cook (if possible) will help you throw beautiful dinner parties for your most esteemed guests. If you’re looking for a rustic touch, why not try getting a table made from reclaimed wood? This is a great way to incorporate history into your home and makes for a brilliant talking point.

Whatever option you choose, remember to carry yourself like you own the house, and your inner sense of regality and worthiness will be stimulated. Sometimes it’s fun to fantasize.