Prospects for IG marketing in 2020


Instagram has become a very lucrative market for businesses. It has advantages over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, all other social networks in terms of engagement. Due to the nature of everything being visual, IG has the upper hand on other parties since text plays only a supporting role. If you are a business owner, wish to start one or have the desire to become an influencer, you should get into IG marketing. Here are a few tips and guidelines for IG marketing in 2020.

IGTV – make the most of it

IGTV is the proud invention of Instagram. They have no shame in promoting it, even quite forcefully. Even though it isn’t the raging success, it was set out to be, expect more attention directed towards it during 2020.

We recommend adding video content to IGTV because the social network itself will likely forcefully promote the media, uploaded to IGTV. Also, make sure to upload more videos. To help you with that – IG views from BSMM

Even more, sponsored content

“Force feed” people sponsored content. IG layout and algorithms don’t make sponsored posts seem out of place. Attacking with sponsored content is a great way to boost up and coming pages or promote a campaign. 

It is very cheap but effective advertising. Imagine a billboard by the road. In a day, 25 thousand people see it (for example). They are random people, out of which only, let’s say 10-20 percent are your target audience. It costs – thousands.

IG ads cost few bucks per day, and you can target the same amount of people directly, without useless communication with the non-target audience.

Forget about hashtags?

Twitter and IG began the trend for hashtags. With time, however, you can see their value in IG diminish. Biggest content creators use very little hashtags or avoid them at all.

We recommend making use of hashtags until you achieve 10-20 thousand followers. After that, the use of hashtags becomes much more of a chore rather than a bonus. Hashtag research, as well as time, cost a lot and the added benefit is too small to justify expenses. Although not obsolete, hashtags are not nearly as useful as a few years back.

More interaction with followers

Interacting with your audience will never go out of fashion. Q and A’s, polls, live videos, everything on IG is very simple. With a few clicks, you can interact in many different ways. Your audience surely appreciates when you take the time and share some knowledge, details or plans with them.

Do it at least once a week to improve your engagement rates. 

Lots of but not too many posts

Posting regularly is a must. Bombarding audiences with tens of posts every day is not the smartest solution, but regular feed posts and stories at least a couple of times per day should be sufficient.

It is cool when you make use of third-party social media management apps like Buffer or Hootsuite. They allow you to schedule posts effortlessly and you can keep on the most efficient agenda for content uploads.