Is It Really Better to Drink Through a Straw?


You like your teeth and so you would love to keep them in good health, or in any case avoid painful and expensive dental surgery. However, flossing and brushing aren’t the only protections you call for. Acidic drinks like fruit juice and coffee can’t only stain your teeth but can also lead to cavities and other dental problems especially with habitual indulgence

Nevertheless, consuming soft drinks through an accurately positioned straw might help you reduce the danger of cavities and other dental problems.

Here are the top reasons how drinking through a straw can help protect your teeth:

Protect Your Teeth from Decay By Drinking Through a Straw

Those who choose to drink soda through a straw can drastically minimize the decay by limiting the exposure their teeth get when they constantly swish soda around their mouth.

But by using a straw to drink energy drinks, sports drinks, iced coffee, sodas, or iced coffee, you can as a minimum take some preventive measures to diminish your exposure to tooth decomposition causing bacteria.

Avoid the Staining of Teeth by Using a Straw n

We have all seen someone or for that matter experienced it ourselves the embarrassment and awkwardness of stained teeth after we’ve indulged in too much of black coffee. To steer clear of the dreaded stained teeth, you can make use of a straw in its place!

Dr. Timothy Modic in Mechanicsville, MD, states that in order to reduce the chances of acid and sugar to attack your teeth and to help protect the teeth enamel against sensitivity that’s caused by decay and erosion, straws can be a good rescue. Straws can also trim down those jabs of sensitivity that are caused by hot or cold drinks.

Besides this, the positioning of your straw in your mouth can affect your teeth negatively. Get in the practice of positioning the straws towards the back of your mouth. As a result of this, drinks have negligible exposure to your teeth.

The Safest Option Is to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Typically, when you sip on our drink (whether it is out of a glass, bottle, or can), you have a tendency to allow the beverage to remain in your mouth for some time before actually swallowing it. If you expose your teeth to sugary liquids on a regular basis, you are just inviting all the dental problems to cause havoc on your teeth.

That’s why dentists recommend flossing and brushing your teeth regularly. If you are a ‘sipper’ and struggle to break out of this habit, a good option to clean your teeth can be Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, which is great for removing plaque.

In a Nutshell

Though drinking through a straw can help you stay away from tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, bacteria, and various other dental issues, it can’t replace a good toothbrush and nothing compares to adapting good brushing and flossing habits. But using a straw at times when you can’t brush your teeth immediately after having your coffee will definitely help.

Zoe Grant is a health conscious Mom. From oil pulling to overnight oats, Zoe has given everything a try, with some becoming a regular routine. She writes about leading a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle.