SNOR: Eliminating That Bothersome Snor At The Source Of The Problem

The creators at SNORETECH have brought us a revolutionary device that eliminates snoring at the source. The snoring that occurs during sleep is caused by the weakness in the soft palate muscles deep in the mouth cavity. SNORETECH found, Peter Mikhailenok, designed SNOR to tighten and strengthen the soft palate muscles overtime to eliminate the cause, relieving you from snoring that could be keep that certain someone sleeping next to you awake at night. SNOR is unique in it’s features to actually help solve the cause of snoring, instead of simply relieving the symptoms. Now you and those around you can rest easy without being woken up to overwhelming snores.

Research shows that the best way to strengthen the soft palate muscles is with a sucking action through a tube. For this, SNOR includes a tube which connects to the device for the snore elimination exercises. This allows users operate SNOR any time of the day, not only when they are getting ready to fall asleep. We like to think of SNOR as an electronic fitness coach that connects to your smartphone, encouraging the user to reach the end goal of eliminating snoring for good through a strengthened soft palate. As you create suction through the tube attached to the SNOR device, it adjusts the pressure sensitivity with it’s built-in pressure sensor. After SNOR analyzes the information, it will display how well your soft palate muscle is reacting to the exercise and display it on the screen.  SNOR then sets corresponding challenges to provide continued strengthening exercises.

Features for the SNOR device:

  • SNOR is the only non-invasive method to eliminate snoring on the market
  • SNOR is compatible with Apple iOS, and Android
  • SNOR Automatically adjusts, based on the ability of the user
  • Up to 2 users can access the SNOR device
  • SNOR provides 2 different training programs to coach you through

Everything about the SNOR device is simple and easy to operate. After each exercise, SNOR provides a movie, music video, or image slideshow of your choosing on your smartphones or tablet display screen. During the exercises themselves, you will view a training session that guides you through the exercise, step-by-step. The instructions a clear and concise, allowing the user for focus on the exercise. Some products are hard to understand, or even use at some times, so it is nice to have a step-by-step guide to coach you through the process.


SNOR is the first device to actually eliminate the cause of snoring by effectively tightening the soft palates muscles deep in the mouth cavity. After you complete the 20 sessions provided by SNOR, which last 8-12 minutes each, the snoring you or someone you may know will be eliminated completely.  This will allow you to get the peaceful sleep you deserve to help provide you with a restful morning and a productive day ahead! If you know someone that has problems with snoring, this may be the perfect item for them. Mother’s and Father’s Day are right around the corner, and I can’t think of a better item to get for someone who is struggling to get a restful night’s sleep. SNOR is the device can save you from waking up and the morning, and feeling restless.  It will provide you the rest you need, without the discomfort of a sleep apnea machine or the cost of surgery. 

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