Stay Healthy And Keep Fit With These Great Tips


What does it mean to be fit and healthy? We find it usually depends on who you ask. If you talk to most people they will tell you to be fit and healthy just means that you are eating a good, balanced diet. A little bit of exercise every now and then wouldn’t go amiss either. If you speak to a doctor, they might mention keeping stress out of your life to maintain a low blood pressure. And others might tell you that fitness and health can mean anything you like. After all health is also happiness. But actually, we think that in their own way all these opinions are right. Using this simple advice we’re going to give you some great tips on how to stay healthy.

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What Is A Healthy Diet?

What is a healthy diet? The answer to this question seems to change year by year. For instance, this year we’re not supposed to eat processed meats. Last year it was red meat and the year before that sticking your feet in cold water could cause…a cold. Yes, we’re not sure what scientists were on about with that one either. The point is that there is no set in stone diet that is going to keep you healthy. Although many people suggest that the best diet will involve a lot of fish and rice, they’re basing this on the life expectancy of the Chinese. And just wait until next year. We bet they’ll probably tell us we shouldn’t be fish. But that doesn’t leave us much help when deciding what to eat.

We think the best answer is this. Anything in a small quantity isn’t bad for you. As an example a little bit of salt in your diet will help your bones and joints. A glass or red wine every so often is good for your blood. Also, unless you do actually have an issue with digestion let’s stop cutting things like gluten out of our diet. Unless you are eating five cakes a day, it’s not doing you any harm at all. Try to make sure you are fitting fruit and vegetables into your meals you will be fine.

If you’re trying to lose weight your best option is to cut down the amount that you are eating. But we’re not suggesting you go on the ridiculous liquid diets some magazines have been recommending. If you think consuming only liquids is good for you, you must have skipped a couple health lessons in school.

When Should I Go To The Doctor?

Ironically, if you want to stay healthy you probably shouldn’t be going to the doctor all that much. In fact, we’d suggest that you only go to the doctor if you have a symptom that has been there for more than two weeks. For instance, if we find a lump on our body, we all start to panic, thinking the worse. But the fact is that a lump on your body could be anything. It could be a harmless cyst that in two weeks will go away by itself. But if you go to the doctors there’s a good chance you’ll catch something that someone else has, no matter how much you wash your hands.

Obviously, if you’re in chronic pain, you do need to go to the doctor to get checked out. But, at the same time you might find that there is a home cure for your problem. If you have a look at a website about plantar fasciitis (foot pain), you will find that there are home remedies for this issue. A trip to the doctors will just be an unnecessary stress in your life. Speaking of stress

How Bad Is Stress For Your Health?

Stress can play havoc with your health; that much is certain. It can affect everything from the rate that your hair falls out to your blood pressure. As well as this stress can cause you to suffer from migraines and even cause a lack of sleep. This can lead to the development of insomnia, and that can stop your body functioning properly through the day. If you think you have this issue, you should consider switching off all the electrical devices in your bedroom. As well as this, you need to think about tiring yourself out before bedtime. A short exercise routine of a few sets and exercises should do the trick.

Aside from that you need to think about how you can reduce the level of stress in your life. We think that one of the best ways to do this is to practise different breathing exercises. As well as this you should try to avoid stressful situations in your life. We’re not suggesting you become a hermit but try to think whether it is worth getting worked up about something. A prime example of this is anger on the roads. Many of us can’t help but get worked up dealing with the morning rush hour. But, if we thought about it for a moment, we’d realise there’s no point. It’s out of our control and while it’s difficult to accept that, we must.

How Much Exercise Does Your Body Need?

Interestingly enough, too much exercise can be just as bad for your body as too little. For instance, if you’re running every day you won’t experience the effects straight away. But when you’re older you will certainly feel the pain in your muscles. It has even been linked to arthritis. As well as this, if you exercise for more than an hour at a time, your body starts burning muscle, not fat. The effect then is somewhat counterproductive. So what is the right type of exercise?

We suggest you try to complete one hour of exercise every other day each week. The effects of this will vary depending on your metabolism and your fat to muscle ratio. But, it will do wonders for your body, and you will stay fit.

We hope we have shed some light on how to stay fit and healthy in the modern age. Remember, don’t believe everything you read when it comes to physical fitness. No one knows exactly what is damaging to our health and what isn’t.

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