Sun-Staches® Eyewear for Fun in the Sun


No need to wear boring sunglasses when you can be wearing Sun-Staches®

Kids from 9 (or younger) to 99 will love to wear Sun-Staches®!  I have a couple of grandsons who filled over the pairs that I recently received.  My husband snagged a pair too, as did a daughter-in-law…leaving me (picture me with a pouty face) with not a single pair of my own.  I do believe that this will be remedied quite soon, as I plan to get myself a pair.  The Bumblee Bee speaks to me!


I think that they are adorable!

My 7 year old grandson was really excited about Deadpool and Batman.  His younger brother decided that Spiderman was his favorite.




Their mother, who chose not to be photographed for this post, was sporting a pair of Wonder Women Sun-Staches® when they left for the airport after visiting us last month. The boys were insistent that she wear them.

There are so many styles to choose from.  You are sure to find just the right pair! I love the Mardi Gras and Fiesta Sun-Staches®!


All About Sun-Staches®

sunstachereallogoSUN-STACHES® ARE THE NEW CRAZE.
Sun-Staches® are a new, fun style of eyewear, featuring what else but a marvelous mustache! Need to look debonair for tonight’s cocktail party? Looking for that extra touch of class for your next soiree? Sun-Staches® are the answer to all your fashion follies. They’re perfect for Halloween, parties, concerts and gag gifts for you and your friends.



I think that Sun-Staches® are very reasonably priced, and they seem to be quite well made.  So far, neither of the boys have broken any of the pairs that they took home with them.  Most come individually. but some come in sets.  Great for parties and these would make fantastic stocking stuffers.

Sun-Staches® make wearing sunglasses FUN!

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