Support a Normal Healthy Inflammation Response: Natrol Extra Strength Turmeric with CurcuWIN

Natrol Extra Strength Turmeric with CurcuWIN is a Win Win
Our lives are so faced paced, and often filled with stress.  We don’t get enough sleep, don’t often eat as well as we should, get too little exercise, etc. etc. As a result of all that stress, our bodies don’t always perform at peak function. Our hearts, lungs, tissue…every part of our beings, becomes affected. As moms, of course we want the best for our families and look to find ways to improve our healthy and the health every member of our families. Our action packed way of living isn’t likely to change, so what can we do to help improve our overall health and well being?
Turmeric is a Good Example!
Turmeric is a plant that contains Curcumin.  Due to this active component, turmeric has been used medicinally for thousands of years.  It is probably better known as a spice used in lots of Indian cuisine, but it’s healing properties have been well researched.
Benefits from Curcumin:
  • Heart Health
  • Joint Health
  • Cellular Health
  • Supporting a Healthy Inflammation Response

Natrol Extra Strength Turmeric with CurcuWIN

One might wonder why healthy inflammation response is important. After all, inflammation is usually thought of as a bad thing, right?  Not so, as inflammation is actually the bodies way of self-healing.  Inflammation is a vital part of the body’s immune response. It is the way that the body begins to  heal itself.  When one is injured, or is invaded by a foreign body,  viruses, or bacteria, inflammation is the natural way to repair tissue. If inflammation didn’t occur, wounds can become very serious (even deadly), and infections can linger and lead to life threatening situations.  So, healthy inflammation response is of vital importance.

So, why Natrol® Extra Strength Turmeric with CurcuWIN® ?

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Like most foods, supplements and the like, not all are of the same standards and quality…”Natrol Extra Strength Turmeric provides support for a healthy inflammation response, heart and joint health. The majority of turmeric products in the market place are not easily absorbed by the body. Natrol Extra Strength Turmeric features CurcuWIN®, a proprietary form of curcumin that increases absorption of curcuminoids. CurcuWIN has been clinically shown to be absorbed 46 times more than 95 percent standardized curcumin extract. It has demonstrated longer sustained periods of curcuminoid availability at high levels of concentration that gives the body potent antioxidant protection for cellular health.†”

About Natrol Extra Strength Turmeric formulated with CurcuWIN

CurcuWIN, a water soluble ingredient that has been proven to be up to 46x more bioavailable than standard curcumin powder and Natrol Logosignificantly more bioavailable than other ‘enhanced’ forms of curcumin. In a recent study CurcuWIN helped support heart health. We all know that our heart helps our body function by pumping oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. A happy, healthy heart, means a happy, healthy person.

Natrol Extra Strength Turmeric with CurcuWIN

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