The Importance Of Finding A Quality Detox Center


If you or someone that you know is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction problem, you most likely would like an easy way to break the addiction and get back to a normal life again. Unfortunately, the process of breaking an addiction is a long and often painful process, requiring medical treatment for the best results. Recovering from an addiction problem can be a challenge, but you can do it. If you are looking for detox facilities, you should be sure to choose a quality addiction recovery center, such as Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Port St. Lucie. These types of facilities offer private, personalized recovery services and enable the recovering individual to heal from their addiction problem in the company of fellow victims. You should look for recovery centers that offer small, intimate programs. That way, you can be sure you will receive completely personalized and compassionate care from the dedicated team of staff members.

Because many people do not fully understand about how drugs are addictive and the effects they can have on the user, a brief example has been provided below.

Heroin causes an addiction that is a chronic disease, identifiable by physical changes in the brain and irresistible cravings for the drug despite the user feeling the negative effects of it on his or her body. Heroin, an opioid derived from the Asian poppy plant, converts to morphine in the body in a matter of seconds. Once the drug has been internalized into the body, the user will feel a rush of pleasure, wellbeing and power. The pleasant feelings derived from the use of the drug will soon leave the user, causing him or her to quickly become tolerant to the drug. Heroin addiction often occurs after just one usage of this highly addictive substance. Typically, users of the drug either inject, smoke, or inhale it. No matter which method is used, heroin quickly enters the bloodstream. Once in the blood, the heroin converts to morphine, an opioid that causes an extreme rush of pleasure throughout the body. Withdrawal symptoms from heroin are among the most painful, including vomiting, headaches, dizziness and high stress. More serious symptoms include seizures, diarrhea, comas and spasms.

When you are investigating what options you have when it comes to addiction recovery centers, you will probably feel some uncertainty about how you will be treated during the recovery process. At quality recovery centers, you will be placed in an environment with plenty of structure. Every client feels secure and safe during their recovery from addiction.

There are two main types of addiction recovery centers—traditional and holistic. Traditional addiction recovery centers use specially prescribed “safe” drugs to slowly wean the user off of the drug that they are addicted to. These programs are helpful, but typically do not cure the addiction as well as a holistic approach to the addiction recovery.

On the other hand, the staff at holistic recovery centers tend to focus their attention on healing their client’s body from the inside out. They will most likely incorporate the following into their recovery program:
Guided imagery or meditation
Reiki or energy work
Spiritual teaching such as The Secret and the Four Agreements
Nutritional supplements

Most likely, the recovery process will begin with an assessment and evaluation by the recovery centers specialists, who will then devise a comprehensive recovery plan tailored to your specific needs. If your residence is not located at the same site as the recovery center, you will receive transportation to the center every day. Typically, the day will be spent with the client receiving treatment, then they will have dinner, attend a final meeting and then go back to their residence for the night. Good recovery centers ensure that clients can have fun during their recovery period. Depending on the location, you may be able to go horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, boating, attending movie nights and much more.

In order for you to have the greatest chance of a full recovery, an extended period in the recovery center is required. Usually, the time a person usually spends in the recovery center is between 30 and 45 days. This may seem like a long time, but it’s definitely worth it.

If you are looking for a quality drug and alcohol detox center in the Port St. Lucie region, be sure to look carefully and find a center that matches both your budget and the quality level of care that you desire.