The Top 5 Best Wedding Gifts


Since it is summertime, so you probably have an invitation to a wedding laying somewhere in your documents drawer.

The problem is, that the date of the wedding can creep up on you and if you don’t have a gift, not only can you come off as a jerk, but you should also remember, that your contribution probably is important to the newlyweds – they’re starting their life together and need help from their relatives and friends to start a happy marriage and get on their feet.

Luckily for you, if you put yourself in their shoes, you can figure out what the love birds really need and end up giving a great gift even if you don’t have much time to get it.

Here are a couple of wedding gift ideas that will always be useful and make the wedding couple happy.

  1. Money

Yeah, it may seem impersonal, but think about it – what do young couples need the most? That’s right, cash is always a priority when two people are trying to start a life together – there are the expenses of moving in together, honey moon travel plans, not to mention the wedding expenses, which can pile up quickly.

You can’t go wrong simply giving the couple money – they’ll appreciate it much more than some generic gift that will never be used.

  1. Home Appliances and Kitchenware

This is a very popular gift, and for good reason – the young couple needs various things for their new home and it can get really expensive buying everything yourself.

And it’s even made simple for you – usually there’s a gift registry, so just check out what they need and pick something that fits your price range.

  1. Personalized Wedding Gifts

If you want to be creative, purchase a personalized wedding gift – whether it is clothes, towels, bed spreads, pillow covers, photo frames, or even wine glasses – there’s plenty of items that can be made just for the newlyweds, with their initials or other symbols engraved on the item.

This gift shows thoughtfulness and will be greatly appreciated, because you can be sure the young couple will want to use things that are made just for them.

  1. Honeymoon Help

You know every newlywed couple wants to have a memorable time celebrating their commitment to one another,  so why not help them with it?

You can buy coupons to fancy restaurants, special events or SPA treatments – you can even buy them in the place they’ll be spending their honeymoon, that way their trip will be even more enjoyable.

  1. Wine

Run out of time? Don’t have a significant amount of money to give? Well, perhaps it’s not the most glamorous gift, but a bottle of good wine will not go to waste.

A young couple might drink it on a romantic evening together and will remember you fondly, because it’s still a nice gift that can be enjoyed together.

Picking out gifts for newlyweds can get tricky – you’ve got enough on your mind and might not have much time to look for the perfect present.

Well, that’s not a problem – if you get one of these gifts, the newlyweds will certainly be happy and thankful for it, after all, it’s the thought that counts, and with these gifts you’ll show that you know what they need the most right now.

Michelle Forsyth is a self-employed writer and blogger with a BA from Melbourne University. When Michelle is not writing or blogging she spends time with her two kids and spends time online shopping for the best deals, her favorite shopping site right now is!