What Is a VPN? Which One Is Best for You?


A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and with the threat of cyber crime looming even more than it has in a very long time, you should never go online without using one. If you continue to surf the Web as you always have, your data is open to those who possess the skill set to retrieve it. This includes hackers who make it their career to steal people’s identities and government agencies. Even if you aren’t doing anything illegal or embarrassing online, you still don’t want your information out there.

Some Basics

Every time you log on to your computer and open your Web browser, your computer transmits an identifier called an IP address. In other words, if somebody would like to know what, exactly, you’re doing online all he or she has to do is match the IP address to the activity. This includes your ISP, or Internet Service Provider, and these companies sell usage data to the government.

When you use a VPN, your information is transmitted from your computer through a security client that is installed on your smartphone, notepad, computer or other internet-enabled device. This client encrypts your Web traffic – the information your computer sends and receives – and blocks prying eyes. This rundown is basic. For a comprehensive VPN lesson, visit https://www.vpnsrus.com/what-is-a-vpn/.

Which VPN Is Best?

Even with the advanced knowledge of VPN technology you’ll gain after reading the information provided in the above link, it could still be difficult to determine which VPN client will work best for your needs. You must take many variables into consideration when selecting a VPN, including the device you use to access the internet, the operating system loaded on the device, and the country in which you live.

Thankfully, there are as many computer geeks out there who are as dedicated to protecting you while you’re online as there are dedicated to stealing your personal information. One such group has made it their mission to not only test and review the top VPN clients out there but also provide news regarding the latest goings on in internet privacy and security.

When you visit VPNs ‘R Us, you not only have the ability to determine the best VPN for your virtual security, you also have access to crucial information that will keep you abreast of cyber threats and the tools being developed to mitigate them. Don’t go online unprotected any longer. Determine the best VPN for your internet activity and stay up to date on the latest cyber news.