Ways To Kick Bad Habits To The Kerb


Most of us have one or two bad habits we wish we could quit. We might call them guilty pleasures, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for us. Some bad habits can be so harmful that we may be endangering our own lives. If you’ve made up your mind to improve your health this year, you may be wondering where to start. Tackling a bad habit takes time and tenacity. And sometimes you need a little help to kick that habit to the kerb for good.

Many bad habits are coping mechanisms. They are the things we do when we’re feeling insecure, unhappy, stressed or tired. It gives us those few moments of respite from whatever is bothering us, and we feel better. Sadly, some of the things we do can be quite harmful. Most of us have grabbed a bag of candies, or reached for a tub of frozen yogurt when we’re in a bad mood. But these comfort foods cause obesity and diabetes. In the short term, they can upset your blood sugar balance too. A few nuts or a banana could be all the comfort you need.

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Coffee drinkers know that getting away from everything to grab that cup of coffee is essential from time to time. And when we’ve drunk the coffee, we feel refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the day head on. Drinking too much caffeine can be quite bad for the heart, and it can prevent you sleeping well. The coffee can also stain your teeth. Changing to hot lemon water or a fruit tea could be a healthy alternative

Smoking cigarettes are very bad for our health. This is why so many people are turning to e-cigarettes. They offer the nicotine we’re addicted to without any of the harmful carcinogens. Sometimes, just holding the e-cigarette is enough. If you want to quit smoking altogether, you can try some breathing exercises that mimic the inhalation of smoking.

Drinking and drugs have offered an escape from a tough life for many people over the decades. Sadly, using these substances can prove harmful to you and the people around you. It’s very difficult to quit addictive substances. Things like alcohol and drug addiction require the support of rehabilitation. You can find places like Sovereign Health Group that offer the mental health support that is often necessary when dealing with addiction. Resolving the problems that led to the using is a great way to kick the habit.

If you regularly bite your nails or suck your hair, you may be showing signs of stress or anxiety. As these problems can quickly lead to other coping methods that are less healthy, it’s important to address it. Take some time off work. Make a few lifestyle changes to give you a busier social life. Exercise more and get plenty of fresh air. All of these things can help reduce stress levels and improve your ability to cope with the tougher days life throws at us. Counselling and talking therapy can help too. Build your support network, and take care of you.