Weight Loss Mistakes You Keep Making


It is one of the most desirable and yet most difficult ambitions any of us ever encounter. We all want to be able to lose a little bit around the tummy, or just live a life where we aren’t haunted by our muffin top, or be able to wave at the next door neighbor without creating a gust of wind with our bingo wings. But no matter how hard you try, it can seem like nothing is working as you journey to slimmer-ville.

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Well, we’re sorry to say, but you may actually be hindering your weight loss goals through misguided information, myths or advice that has since been proved obsolete. So, what are the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight?

Getting Your Calorie Intake Wrong

If you’re are trying to lose weight then you already know all about calories and how they affect your progress. Chances are, you know that if you eat way too many calories then you are not going to lose weight. It is that simple. However, if you don’t eat enough calories then you are going to feel super hungry and that is going to affect your metabolism, which will hinder your weight loss progress too.

Lift More Weights

People often steer clear of lifting weights because they don’t believe it is effective in burning fat and losing weight, which it absolutely is. Resistance training is fantastic. The reason for this is, resistance training increases your body’s metabolism, and it does this at the same time as building muscle mass and reducing fat, especially belly fat. So, yeah, lifting is key.

Power To Your Protein

If you want to lose weight then you need to eat more protein. This isn’t so much because it is great at building muscle, it is because it is a great way of making you feel full. Amino acids are great in that sense. If you want to help this process along, though, read this article about http://hcgdiet.com/product/hcg-triumph-26-kit/ which is about combining your protein power. Reduced appetite, a feeling of being full and better metabolic rate; these all help with weight loss.

Forget Fruit Juice

We have all heard about how bad sugary drinks are. They are bad for our teeth and they are bad for our waistlines. That is why most people are avoiding sugary drinks in general and swapping them out for fruit juices instead because, well, they are a healthy and tasty alternative. Except they aren’t that healthy. As you’ll see in this research by https://authoritynutrition.com/, fruit juices still contain a tonne of sugar, and sugar is the worst. Sugar is such an bad an empty calorie. So find something else, like coconut water or something.

The Scale Isn’t Gospel

When we want to lose weight we measure our progress by standing on a set of scales. But this only measures one weight change, which is wrong because loads of things affect weight. These influences are things like fluid fluctuations, a gain in muscle mass and food that your body hasn’t quite digested yet. Basically, you could be losing fat but staying the same weight. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat.