What Are Your Weightloss Options If You Don’t Have Time To Workout?


Isn’t it strange that the people who are on the go all day and throughout the evenings are the ones that struggle to lose weight? You would be forgiven for thinking that all that extra energy they need to keep going would make them appear stick thin! But the trouble for busy people is that they don’t have enough time to take care of themselves. They’re so busy rushing around for their job, their family, and their friends, that there’s no time left for a workout.

Lots of people struggle to fit in any gym time. And many more of us struggle to have time at home for a quick workout too. If you’re one of these people that are sick of being told to go to the gym by healthcare professionals, then why not try another approach?

Busy people need to do everything in a hurry. Convenience foods are our biggest downfall. We need to eat on the go. That means foods in packets that don’t make a mess when you’re rushing to stop that noisy rumble in your tummy. With no time for proper meal breaks, and little opportunity to cook a healthy meal, weight gain is inevitable.

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There are several options to help you lose weight when you can’t get to the gym. You can try a special program designed for people who can’t exercise like ‘3x fat loss’. Or you might prefer a meal replacement shake. These can help you shed the pounds because they are balanced for busy people.

If you can spare a little time to make a packed lunch each day, then you can avoid using vending machines and hot dog carts. Throw in a portion of nuts and a portion of dried fruits. These will give you the fiber you need to feel full and the sugar hit you’re craving from your snack bar habit. A wholemeal bread sandwich with lean meats or a wrap can be a great way to enjoy a meal on the go that is healthy. Something as simple as changing your bag can easily accommodate the food that you’ll want with you when you’re hungry.

Whenever you start to feel that hunger is coming, drink a large glass of water. Keeping a bottle with you will ensure you can do this on the go. The water will fill you up for a short time. It will also hydrate you. As thirst can often feel like hunger, you may get rid of that rumble for longer. Can you sit outside for a fifteen-minute lunch break? Fresh air as you eat can help aid the digestive process. And taking even a short time out can help you reduce your levels of the Cortisol stress hormone. This too can help reduce your weight.

Of course, healthy bodies need to be moved and stretched every day. And getting your heart rate up through healthy exercise is great for reducing stress. Sometimes it’s necessary to prioritize your health over everything else. But if you still don’t have time today, try one of these tips instead.