4 Beauty Mistakes I’ve Made – So You You Don’t Have To


There’s a lot of pressure for women to look their best at all times, no matter what the consequences on our health may be. Eventually, things can take their toll, and that makes for the perfect environment for making bad decisions. And boy, have I made some! Make no mistake, it was a genuine addiction. So, I thought I would pen this article to give you a little warning, and hopefully point you in the direction of a better, healthier alternative. Beauty’s only skin deep, as they say – and it’s best to keep it that way.

woman with curlers apply eye shadow


High Heels

During my twenties, you wouldn’t see me wearing any type of shoe other than high heels. I had dozens of pairs – probably about three or four for any occasion. The trouble is; high heels can cause all sorts of problems. I’ve had two broken ankles, more severe strains than I can remember, and now I’m the proud owner of three ingrown toenails. All of which my doctor has attributed to my heel fetish. So by all means enjoy a pair of heels – but be careful when and how often you wear them.

Too Much Sun

I have a slightly whiter than average skin tone, although you probably wouldn’t have guessed it during the first decade of this millennium. I was brown – far darker than I should be, and even topped my tan up during the winter on a sun bed. I’m lucky that I haven’t developed skin cancer – at least for the moment. But make no mistake about it, I’ve done some damage. My skin is very dry in places, and it’s started to wrinkle far earlier than it should have. And there are unseen dangers, too. Take a look at this video that might surprise you at the damage too much UV can do.

DIY: Cosmetics Treatments

I made the mistake once of trying to cut corners with collagen injections. I did it myself after hearing about a particular product from a friend. It was one of the most stupid things I have ever done in my life and started me on my road to changing my ways. The results had the complete opposite effect to what should have happened and were far from beautiful. So, please, if you feel that you need to have a treatment, find a good cosmetic surgeon. They will be expensive, but the money is worth it – and you will reduce the risk of what happened to me considerably.

Hair Dye

My hair has been almost every single color on the spectrum since I first discovered the joys of dye. But I’ve pushed it too much, and now my hair is constantly in a state of dryness and lifelessness. Far too many chemicals have been used in my pursuit of the perfect style and color, and the results look unhealthy to say the least. These days I have to pay a lot of attention to my hair just to make it look reasonable – time I would have saved had I been a little less enthusiastic in my younger years. Dyeing your hair is fun – but be aware that it can cause damage that can take a long time to heal.

Good luck – and please don’t make the same mistakes I did!