6 Food And Drink Essentials For Your Summer BBQ


The summertime would not be complete without a big BBQ party with all your friends and family. For these affairs, there are certain food and drinks that you can’t possibly miss off your planning and shopping lists. Want to know what these items are? Keep reading and we will tell you about the delicious and thirst-quenching essentials for every summer BBQ.

  1. Meat

When we think of BBQs, we immediately think of beautifully browned and smoky tasting meat. So, it’s no surprise that this ingredient tops our list of essentials for your summer BBQ. The traditional BBQ meats include burgers, sausages, and chicken drumsticks. However, you can throw just about any meat on the BBQ, and it will taste delicious. If you want to do something a little different this year, why not try grilling marinated sirloin steak for a mouth-watering steak baguette.


Photo: Jun Seita

  1. Beer

Bubbly, frothy, crisp tasting beer is another requirement at a summer BBQ. It’s vital that these are kept as cold as possible because no one enjoys a warm beer! Keep your bottles and cans in a bath or bucket of ice cold water so that they main cool and refreshing in the heat. Mexican beer, such as Sol, is particularly welcome at a summer BBQ because it is zesty and light.

beer o'clock

Photo: Dave Young

  1. Baked potatoes

There’s nothing quite like cutting through the waxy, leathery skin of a barbecued potato to reveal the buttery fluffy interior. It tastes pretty good too! Potatoes should be put on the BBQ at least an hour before you intend to serve them. They should be wrapped in foil and placed directly on the coals of a charcoal BBQ or straight onto the heat of a gas grill.

  1. Fruit cocktails

Summer is synonymous with fresh, fruity cocktails.  For your BBQ, you can choose to follow a classic cocktail recipe like piña colada, berry daiquiri or mojito. But it’s pretty difficult to make fruit and alcohol taste bad, so you could try your hand at concocting your own summer cocktail recipes.


Photo: Nan Palmero

  1. Coleslaw

Coleslaw tends to divide the crowd at a BBQ. Nevertheless, it would be sorely missed by many if you didn’t include it on your BBQ menu. It provides an indulgent and tasty accompaniment to your barbecued meat and potatoes. You may wish to pick up your coleslaw from the supermarket or deli. However, if you and your guests are watching your waistlines you might want to make a healthy recipe yourself.


Photo: Karen Thornton

  1. Water

When it’s hot and you are drinking alcohol, it is important that you and your guests stay hydrated. So, it’s essential to provide water at your BBQ. You might be thinking “boring!” but there are lots of things you can do to jazz up your H20. For example, you could add mint or basil leaves, lemon, lime or cucumber slice or pomegranate seeds.

We hope you agree with this list of essentials food and drink for your summer BBQ. However, if you think we’ve missed something vital, do let us know.

Have a great summer BBQ!