Building a Better World For Children

Building a Better World For Children via World Vision

WV Animal Collage 1

World Vision is not a stop gap aid organization.  Their main goal is to provide ways for communities to be able to better themselves long term, in order to improve the lives of their children now and into the future.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Learn More HERE.

There are many ways to lend a helping hand, though World Vision.  Choose the type of project that you would like to help fund, or make no stipulations and let World Vision apply your donations where they feel it’s needed the most.  Filter those choices by the amount that you can afford. Donate as an individual (single person or family), or come together as a group – in your workplace, social outlet or church home.

Donations provide medications, food, clothing and start up needs for building businesses.  Just $35 can provide a family with 5 ducks. These ducks can provide eggs (which are a rich protein source) and feathers (down).  Extra eggs and ducklings can be sold to help with much needed medical care and schooling.  $100 will provide a family with a goat and 2 chickens.  Goat milk is very digestible and can be used for cheese, yogurt and soap making.  Chickens provide eggs and baby chicks which, like ducklings, can be sold for a profit.

WV FirstHelp to break the cycle of poverty by making a donation for education.  $18 can provide a back pack filled with school supplies and $100 can multiply via matching funding, into $1200  worth of school supplies.  Education is the key to realistically improving a communities chances of success.

WV Education 1 Collage

Micro loans are easy on the pocket but can mean the difference between despair and prosperity to a family in need.  These gift cards can be purchased for $25, $50 and $100 dollar amounts.

World Vision also has a catalog of gifts made by talented artisans.  From silk scarves to hard craved spoons, your purchase gives twice.

I received this absolutely beautiful handmade Soapstone Box, from World Vision.  I had no idea until now, just how heavy soapstone is.  Wouldn’t this make a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift!

African Soapstone Box 2This box is available for a “gift” of $85…

Your gift to where most needed will help address specific, urgent needs that might otherwise go unmet for a child, family, or community. As a memento of this gift, you’ll receive this African soapstone box.This ornate hand-carved soapstone box is etched and designed by local artisans in Kenya, and the income from this donation helps provide medical care for their families.

Approximate size: 2 ½”” x 5 ¼”” x 1 ½””

From disaster relief to clean water, safety of exploited children to sewing machines and training.  Your gifts will help in the US and across the globe. Won’t you please consider making a small donation to World Vision.

Connect with World Vision:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


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