First Impressions: 12 Things the Best Online Dating Profiles Have in Common.


They say you don’t ever get a second chance to make a first impression.

In our world today—with our strong reliance on the internet for everything from keeping in touch with friends and family, planning a weekend getaway and all—it is only natural to look for that special someone on the internet.

But figuring out the best way to portray yourself may out there may seem difficult. And in the case where you want to match with the people you want to get involved, the more exhausting it is?

Since you do not want to sound off as an narcissist, a lot of questions may race through your mind: What exactly do I put out there? How do I ensure that my profile sends the right message? If you have ever felt this way, this post was made specifically for you.

We have culled up what the best online dating profiles have in common. For information about online dating sites, you can sign up for, read more here.

They are direct.

The best profiles are usually direct. No one wants to get with someone who beats around the bush.

Say exactly what you are looking for. Chances are, you will attract serious-minded people if you write that you’re looking for a serious relationship, and you put it up there. That way, you will sieve off people who are afraid of commitments from getting across to you.

Do not be generic in your approach. Be specific.

Their social media accounts are displayed as well.

Since they want people to have a sense of they might be getting into, people with the best profiles display their social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat).

That way potential friends can check you out, glean through your many posts to know what you stand for, your best interest and whatnot.

Their profiles have icebreakers.

A simple question added to your profile will act as bait for people going through your profile. Thing is, there are hundreds of thousands of profiles out there, and when people don’t find anything interesting on your, they will move on to the next.

Dating websites like Tinder or Badoo have featured on their profiles where you can post simple questions like “Do you enjoy travelling?” or “What was your best college experience?”. This alone can make all the difference and it becomes relatively easy to start and keep the conversation going.

They show the best authentic photos.

Let’s face it: a significant number of persons on dating apps just focus their attention on the profile photo and gallery collections. This is why the best online dating profiles are filled with eye-candy photos.

It is important to note this; do not upload overly edited photos, as it is a big turn off. Clear images of you doing something fun should flood your profile.

It is also recommended that you use your image, instead of nicking photos of celebrities and other people from the web. You will be perceived pretentious and end up getting kicked out from the platform.

The best profiles take advantage of multimedia.

Most dating platforms have updated features that can let their users employ live video feeds and statuses and pictures to share their stories for others to see.

This is an amazing way to show off your unique personality—which is important especially when you’re looking for a partner who shares your interest.

The best profiles are usually detailed.

Because you’re looking for a perfect match—not just a match—it is expedient you put up detailed interests out there.

Do you love football? Put the information right there along with your favorite football club. These are great conversation starters for people who may be interested in you.

The best profiles maintain a positive vibe.

It is important for people to see you in a positive light.

Stuff like “If you’re under 6feet, please swipe left.” or “I’m not here for jokes.” Should be replaced with “Hey, if you love reading and discussing books, hit me up.”

If you give off a negative vibe in your profile, you will definitely receive negative attention, and that’s not what you want. You can check here for other don’ts you should avoid.

They usually use a filter to remove bad matches.

While people share similar interests, others don’t. Most of these dating sites out there come with sophisticated tools to select and remove people who don’t match with you.

For instance, if you have a phobia for cats, you wouldn’t want to be involved with someone that is a cat-lover. Therefore, you can use of the filter tool on the app to filter out people who are incompatible to you.

The best profiles keep it real.

It is expected to be real with someone if you want them to be real with you. Do not push false and inaccurate information about yourself on your profile.

Let people come to appreciate you. The real you.

The best profiles are reeks of versatility.

You don’t want anyone of think of you as boring and just plain bland after a glance at your profile.

Hence, it is important to showcase all the many sides to you; this is an indirect message to others that live with you can be exciting and full of happy memories.

The best profiles are free of mistakes.

While trying to create the best profile on a dating site, a minor mistake can jeopardize everything.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check for mistakes—poor grammar, poor language choice—before you upload it.

They are updated regularly.

What makes a profile interesting is the ability of its user to update it constantly with relevant information.

Take out time to go through your profile and remove any information that is redundant or false.

Is your profile picture old? Grab your camera and take new photos, select the most exciting photos and post it.

Combining all these tips all at once may seem herculean. But if you want to attract the best kinds of people to you, you need to create a profile that is deserving of it.