Hangover Horror: How To Keep It At Bay


The only downside to a properly good night is the dreaded hangover. They can be a huge stress if you have something planned the day after, and they can positively waste a whole day and condemn you to bed. But, luckily, there are ways you can help a hangover go away, some simple, others less so. You can do the tips here on there own or in combination, different techniques work for different people. But you’ll soon have your guaranteed method of curing a hangover.

Take Medication

A preemptive strike can destroy the hangover before it has really started. There are some professional medications purposefully designed for hangover prevention. If they aren’t your thing, try taking a paracetamol as you arrive home from your night out. The effects will last into the morning and you’ll wake with a buffer against all the pain a hangover throws at you. This is not a guaranteed method like the actual hangover medication, but it can work for some people so it is well worth a try. Just take a small amount, as it may not react well with the alcohol.

Have A long Shower

The age old tactic used worldwide. Drag yourself out of bed and jump into the shower. It may not help too much with the pain, but it will make you feel much better, as if you are washing away the dirt of the night before. The relaxation can help keep the pain at day and this tactic is a must if you have to get up to do something on hangover day. Don’t bath, because it is similar to a bed and you will just end up laying there for an age. Standing up keeps you active and engaged, so make sure you shower instead.


One of the best ways to keep the hangover away is through the drinking of water. If you are super concerned, drink some water between each alcoholic drink you consume. But, if you’re one of the many who do not think about the hangover until after you have had a great night then try to drink as much as you can before you go to bed. It will water down the alcohol and help you stay hydrated through the night, thus mitigating the affects a hangover will bestow upon you. The next day, do the same. Keep a bottle of water beside your bed and drink as much as you can as often as possible. The more you drink the quicker the alcohol will be flushed out.

Go For A Walk

Again, any physical exertion will sweat out the alcohol, but going for a long walk does this in a way you won’t even notice. It will clear your head and the fresh air will do wonders and eradicate your hangover. If you can stomach a run then that will be the even better option, but if not, then a long walk will do the trick. The earlier you do this the better, so try to drag yourself out of bed, grab a snack and get outside.