The Key To A Successful Job Search: Making Sure You’re The Pick Of The Bunch


Are you searching for a new job or do you have grand plans to reach the top of that famous career ladder? If you’re on the hunt for opportunities, the key to finding a perfect role lies in the ability to outshine other candidates and ensure you’re the pick of the bunch. If you’re falling short, and you’re desperate to progress, here are some top tips.

Selling yourself on paper

In the vast majority of cases, when you apply for a job, your potential employer will assess your credentials on paper before they have a chance to meet you in person. It’s no good being brilliant in interviews if you can’t get through to this stage, so you need to learn how to sell yourself on paper. What will make you stand out from the other applicants? Why should the employer put your resume on the ‘yes’ pile? If you haven’t updated your resume in years or you’re not getting interview offers, this is the first place to start. Get rid of any irrelevant information, make your resume concise and punchy, and sell yourself. What skills have you got and how will they benefit this company? How can you back up claims that you’re highly motivated, passionate or dedicated? If your resume is weaker than it should be, consider meeting with a careers adviser or read some tips from employers online.

The Key To A Successful Job Search

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Going the extra mile

There’s a good chance that when you submit an application, many of the candidates will be at a similar level in terms of the qualifications and experience they have. If you’re on that ledge, you need to be able to take that extra step up, so that you stand out in the pile of papers. Undertaking training and further study is a fantastic way to expand your skill

set and demonstrate your commitment to moving forward in your chosen industry. If you’re a teacher keen to take on a more senior role, having an online MA in Education Technology may make you a more appealing candidate than others. If you work in sales, training in leadership and conflict resolution may encourage the panel to give you a shot at a management role. Whatever you want to do, it’s always beneficial to try and better yourself.

Injecting personality

In some roles, qualifications and experience are everything, but often, your personality plays an important part in determining whether or not you’re the best candidate for the job. If you have an interview, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine, and show potential employers why you want the job, how passionate you are, and what you could bring that others couldn’t.

Are you searching for a job? Have you been unsuccessful in the past? Do you struggle to get to the interview stage or are you losing out to people who have better qualifications than you? If you’re struggling to take that next step up the ladder, there are various ways you can improve your chances of landing that dream job. Sell yourself, and be prepared to work hard and go the extra mile. Show off your personality, and be confident in your own abilities. Good luck!