Modern Fertility Treatments


Many people want to have babies and start their own families, but they might experience difficulty doing so. Some people experience fertility issues, and some people have even been told that they would never be able to have a baby. However, modern science and research has helped some doctors discover solutions for alleged infertility. For instance, Dr. Sami Davidcombines his knowledge of herbs with the skills of a Chinese medical practitioner to help people achieve maximum fertility in just three months.

Many modern fertility treatments are concerned with aggressive surgical, chemical and technological intervention. However, sometimes there are more natural ways for women to get pregnant. For instance, some doctors believe that the first measure people should take when trying to get pregnant is to determine what their fertility types are. Once people recognize what the source of their fertility problems are, then they can address them by taking a variety of measures, such as by making lifestyle choices that can enhance their fertility, decreasing their dosages of some fertility drugs and getting acupuncture treatments.

Employing Eastern and Western medicine takes on fertility can help people achieve enlightening strategies for natural, healthy conception. Certain surprising activities can impede fertilization. For instance, some people might simply be using the wrong lubricant, whereas others might actually be having too much sex. Depending upon which one of the five types of fertility personalities that people have, there are targeted, recommended treatments designed to help them achieve maximum fertility. Plus, the information is easy to follow and includes practical advice on everything from what to eat to what over-the-counter medications to take. For instance, some fertility types can maximize their fertility by douching with baking soda, taking over-the-counter cough medication and enlisting the help of an acupuncturist.

There is a method for addressing fertility issues known as the SAMI method. It is a comprehensive, diagnostic approach for women and their male partners to help them find out what the root causes of their infertility are. There are different types of issues that people can experience including anatomical ones, infections, hormonal and metabolic disorders, autoimmune disorders, genetic disorders and environmental and lifestyle issues.

Women can be tested for anatomical issues by having their uterus and tubes X-rayed and by having sonograms of their pelvic areas done to check for ovarian cysts, polyps and fibroid’s. They can also have laparoscopies and hysteroscopes done to determine any anatomical disorders. If any abnormalities are discovered, they can be removed via surgery. Likewise, if men have abnormal sperm shapes, they can be referred to urologists to be checked for varicose veins, hydroceles and tumors.

Women who have cervical mucus infections like mycoplasma, ureaplasma and Chlamydia can take antibiotics to address their infections and help them regain fertility. Likewise, men who have infections can also take antibiotics to help them address their infections and regain optimum fertility. For women and men who have hormonal and metabolic disorders, there is medication that can help bring their hormone levels to the most maximum level with fertilization.

Some woman and men have autoimmune disorders. In women, blood tests can be conducted to sperm and the embryo for antibodies, and in men, blood tests can be conducted for antibodies in the sperm. The treatment of this issue is to suppress their immune systems. Of course, lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs and others that can decrease sperm count can easily be addressed by simply abstaining from engaging in them.