Power Foods That Will Strengthen Your Immune System And Boost Overall Health


Do you become ill more often than most other people in your family? Has your doctor advised that you need to boost your immune system? Then it’s probably wise to change your diet and include some of the foods listed on this page. Every food we mention will help to increase your overall health and make you feel energetic. The immune system benefits will mean you’re no longer the first person to contract flu in your household. Indeed, the advantages are endless, and so you need to make some alterations today. Failure to do that could mean your health deteriorates even further. When that happens, you will become prone to many different debilitating diseases.

  • Natural Yogurt

There are many misconceptions when it comes to yogurt, but I hope to set the record straight. Natural products are good for both your immune system and your health. However, the same isn’t true when it comes to the flavored items aimed at children. So, leave those Muller corners on the shelves and select something more suitable. Yogurt contains lots of bacteria that are known to help fight infections. That is why doctors tell patients to consume the product when they have yeast issues. The live active cultures keep the gut and intestinal tract free from disease-causing germs. You can even buy supplements that contain the same ingredients if you don’t like the taste of natural yogurt. Just perform some online research, and you’ll discover there are many suitable alternatives.

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  • Oats and Barley

Research shows that animals consuming oats and barley are less likely to become ill. The same goes for humans. Consuming those items will lessen your chances of developing influenza, herpes, and other conditions. The grains contain beta-glucan, which is a type of good fiber. It has antimicrobial and antioxidant capabilities that keep your body working properly. I suggest that you should add oats and barley to your breakfast in the morning. Throw some in a bowl, and then pour some natural yogurt on top. You’ll kill two birds with one stone and ensure you get some essential nutrients. Just make sure the ingredients you purchase come from organic sources. You don’t want to eat anything that is coated in pesticides because they pose a health risk.


  • Turmeric and Lemon

Both turmeric and lemon offer a wealth of beneficial properties to the human body. They can help to alleviate inflammation, and so there’s perfect for immune deficiencies. See TheAlternativeDaily.com for details about the best ways to combine both ingredients. Again, it’s sensible to consume them in the morning before you start your day. That is especially the case if you suffer from arthritis or an associated condition. The swelling and inflammation in your joints could make getting out of bed rather painful. However, the discomfort should begin to fall once you add some turmeric and lemon to your morning routine. Don’t take my word for it, search online for more information. There are plenty of scientists and doctors who’ve performed studies over the years.

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  • Garlic

Adding some garlic to your evening meals is always a wise move. It might smell bad, but those cloves contain allicin. That is a compound that helps to fight infections and unwanted bacteria. Indeed, many doctors will recommend their patients consume garlic when they have intestinal issues. You canlearn more about the benefits at MedicalDaily.com. The product is known to reduce the chances of contracting a common cold. Also, people who chew garlic have a 29% lower rate of colorectal cancer. Stomach cancer rates can also drop by almost 50% in some situations. The optimal dose of garlic for a single day is around two raw cloves. So, add them to your cooking pot and give your dishes some extra flavor.

  • Shellfish

Now, I realize that some people don’t have the stomach for shellfish. So, this tip only applies to those who can eat the creatures without feeling sick. The active compound in oysters, lobsters and crabs are selenium. It contributes towards strengthening your white blood cells. They are the constructs that help to fight infections. They are also known to reduce inflammation and increase airflow to your lungs. The trouble is that most people struggle to consume such items. However, it is recommended that you try to eat two servings each week at least. You will feel more energetic, and you should avoid any serious respiratory problems. So, perhaps it’s time to visit your local fishmonger and take a leap of faith? I promise you’ll become more accustomed to the taste after a few sittings.

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  • Chicken Soup

Here’s a food almost everyone will enjoy – chicken soup. Unless you’re a vegetarian (not sensible if you want to boost your immune system), it should help to decrease inflammation. Scientists at the University of Nebraska tested ten different brands recently. They discovered that 90% of them contributed towards blocking the migration of inflammatory cells. That turned out to be a rather important finding for a couple of reasons. Firstly, those cells are often responsible for blocking the bronchial tubes and causing the flu. Secondly, chicken soup has the same influence on mucous as most cough medicines. So, the next time you’re feeling under the weather, just open a can and enjoy the feast. It’s going to taste a lot nicer than medicated solutions.

You should now have a good idea about which foods you need to purchase from the supermarket. While you don’t have to make use of my advice, it would be a shame to become ill before your time. You can still consume all those snacks you’ve grown to love. You just have to make sure you eat them in moderation.

As you have learned today, sometimes the smallest dietary changes can make the biggest difference. Make sure you try some of my suggestions before dismissing them out of hand. Many people claim that adding turmeric and lemon to their breakfasts was the best move they ever made. Apparently, you should notice the positive results in only a couple of days. The same applies to many of the other foods mentioned on this page.