Stress Hacks That Everybody Should Know

When you’re in Addiction Rehabilitation, every day can feel like a struggle. Learn ways to soothe yourself so that even stressful times are eased. The following hacks will help you kick stress to the curb so you can start your next day refreshed and energetic.

Mindful Breathing: Focusing on your breathing will distract you from whatever’s stressing you out. Inhale for six seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and then exhale for eight seconds. This will help you improve concentration while ridding you of your anxiety.

Reconnect with Nature: Being outdoors in the peace and quiet can get you out of your daily, hectic life. Research shows that spending time in nature can also positively affect your vitality. Take pictures, walk around, hike, garden, or do whatever you most enjoy outdoors.

Workout: Even if it’s just a 15-minute walk, exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress. When endorphins are released, you’ll feel better.

Make a List: Stuck because you don’t know where to start on everything you have to do? Make a plan. Writing down your tasks will help you focus. Then you can break them down to manageable steps and prioritize them so you can get moving.

Indulge a Little: Is there anything that a delicious piece of chocolate can’t fix? You don’t want to eat until you’re feeling better, but sometimes a slight indulgence will pad a bad day. Go for dark chocolate to reap health benefits while indulging.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Sleep and stress can affect each other if both go unmanaged. Meditate before turning in to reduce stress. Get plenty of sleep so you can start the next day without stress.

Take a Warm Shower: Instead of rushing through your shower, enjoy how the warm water feels. Sometimes taking a bit of extra time will help you relax. Plus, nobody will bug you when you’re showering!

Aim to Distract Yourself for 15 Minutes: You may not be able to break away from a busy work day for the rest of the afternoon, but if you distract yourself for 15 minutes, you may be able to unwind and put things in persecutive. Plus, it’s such a small amount of time that you won’t feel guilty about not doing much with it!

Practice Yoga: Yoga helps with meditation and breathing techniques. Plus, it’s great for your body and will make you feel better overall.

Sometimes, de-stressing is as easy as doing your regularly, everyday activities in a new and meaningful way. Start following dinner with a small dessert. Meditate every morning before getting out of bed. Take a few extra minutes in the shower to enjoy the relaxing hot water.

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