Anything Worth Having Is Worthing Having In Excess


Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess, and that includes decadence, adventure, lifestyle, and pleasure. You only get one shot at this life so you may as well give it absolutely everything you have. There is nothing worse than living a humdrum existence, or not stepping out of your comfort zones, or not buying something because you don’t need or don’t think you can afford it. Once the dust settles, you won’t get another chance to do the things you wished you had, so go for it now. Leap into it. Live the life of luxury you always wanted to.


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Buy Expensive Clothes

Buy the best clothes you can afford. If you look great, you will feel great, and if you feel great, well, you’re living a life worth living. This may seem a little shallow, but there is nothing wrong with taking as much pleasure in the material things as you do in the more transcendent things. Anyway, it could just be a matter of perspective. For example, there is no point in investing in a bunch of cheaper items that are going to rip, tear or shrink. You may as well buy that classy, luxurious number that is going to last three lifetimes and never go out of fashion.

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Live In Your Dream Home

It’s your palace, and your palace should feel every inch a palace, from the bathroom to views. So start looking now. If you’re renting, have a new place lined up for your tenancy end date. If you own, then sell up and get that place you didn’t think you could afford but probably can. However, if it is your taste that is letting you down (and let’s be honest, not everyone was born an interior designer or real estate expert) then why not have a look at what’s out there for ideas, why not take a little peek at some Meriton apartments. Who knows, perhaps you could have everything you wanted, from floor to ceiling windows that overlook the ocean to a bedroom with skylights above the bed to a kitchen with a twelve foot island in the middle. This si your home and you deserve the best.

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Have What You Want

You live once that much we have established. So if you want that chocolate fudge cake with double cream then buy that chocolate fudge cake with double cream and enjoy every single mouthful. If you want the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu because you always get the second-cheapest bottle, then do it, see what all the fuss is about. But it isn’t just about having it. If you ordered the lobster and it isn’t up to scratch then send it back. If you don’t ask then you don’t get. Besides, it is not rude to want what you want, nor is it rude to say something isn’t worth what you paid for. Know that and embrace it. There is a big, big difference between arduous and astute, and as long as you know where the line is you’ll be fine.

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