5 Important Health Checkups You Shouldn’t Overlook


For a car’s engine to run properly it needs to be well oiled and maintained. The same goes for our bodies. Don’t forget these five important checkups to keep your health at its optimum level.

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If you struggle with your hearing at times, and it seems as if people are having to repeat what they say to you, then you might want to take a hearing test. Your practice nurse will be able to examine you for hearing loss to determine which treatment you need. You could also take a hearing test online, at places like https://www.Kingsandia.com. Symptoms of failing hearing includes vertigo, tinnitus and pain or discharge from the ear.

Pap Test

A Lot of young women dismiss the importance of a pap or smear test. It really is crucial to attend these, as it’s not as scary as you think and may even help to save your life. Cervical cancer is a serious issue, and it’s important the we take all the precautionary checks to prevent it. Pap tests are sometimes available to teens who are sexually active, but they are usually carried out on women over 21 in the U.S and Canada. In a pap test an internal examination of the cervix is carried out, taking cells from the cervix to be studied. You can book yours at your local health center.


If you’re worried that you’re overweight or underweight, and want to know how much body fat you have, you can take a BMI test. Your BMI (or Body Mass Index) is calculated by your current weight and height. A BMI calculator will be able to tell you what your ideal weight should be, based on these two factors.

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It’s always a good idea to see an optician once a year, just to check your quality of vision. Sometimes we may not realize we need glasses and can do long term damage to our eyesight by prolonging a checkup. It’s important to know the right symptoms and signs. Sometimes your vision might be fine in one eye, and weak in the other. Make sure you get a proper diagnosis to put your mind at rest. If you think you may need eye glasses, don’t delay and book an appointment with your local eye doctor.

Blood Pressure

As we age, it’s important to monitor our blood pressure levels to keep them in the healthy range. Very high blood pressure can lead to coronary heart disease, strokes and kidney failure. A healthy range for blood pressure is in the range of 120-39/80-89, or “120 over 80”. Make sure your levels are kept down by maintaining an active lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and cutting down on your salt intake.

Breast Examinations

To avoid and spot the signs of breast cancer, it’s so important to check your breasts for lumps and know how to self examine. If you’re under 40 checking yourself every one to three years is ideal. Look out for warning signs like changes in size, swelling or contour of the breast. Make sure to notify your doctor straight away if you have any concerns, or notice any slight changes to your breasts.