22 Devices You Didn’t Know You Needed

A good device can make life much easier and more convenient, so we rounded up a list of devices you didn’t know you needed.

1. OBD2 Monitor

Monitor your engine’s health at your fingertips, so you don’t get surprised by any problems with your car. This one is so easy to read and install.

2. Air Fryer

Get those crispy fries without any of the added fat and calories of frying them in oil. An air fryer makes delicious, crispy food with an easier cleanup and offers a healthier option.

3. Alarm Light

You can set the light to brighten gradually so you slowly wake up like waking up with the sun.

4. Essential Oils Diffuser

Bring in a soothing aroma with an In-Car Essential Oils diffuser.

5. Automatic Coffee Maker

Wake up to the smell of coffee with an automatic coffee maker. It helps you wake up and saves you time on making it yourself.

6. Doorbell Camera

If installing a security system is out of your price range, doorbell cameras are a great option to help you know who is on your porch and if you should answer the door or not.

7. Blue Light Glasses

Protect yourself from the harmful blue light rays that come from your computer and phone with some blue light glasses.

8. Instant Pot

It’s like all your favorite cooking appliances in one! It’s easy, fast, and safe.

9. Smart Tablet

You can read, watch movies and TV shows, work and much more with a handy little tablet. It’s easy to take anywhere – meetings, the gym, or when you’re traveling. Trade your laptop for a tablet. You’ll be grateful you did!

10. Pocket Projector

There are really cool and inexpensive projectors that you can pull out of your pocket to watch movies, tv shows, look at pictures and more!

11. Robot Mop

Keep your floors smooth and clean with a robot mop without having to do it yourself.

12. Robot Vacuum

Staying in the cleaning realm, an automatic vacuum can do the same thing but with your carpets!

13. Wireless Charger

Get rid of cord clutter with a wireless charger. They’re so simple and easy to use.

14. Smartphone Sanitizer

We take our phones everywhere with us, so we are basically carrying around a pocket germ around. A smartphone sanitizer can give you peace of mind by cleaning your phone in seconds.

15. Dog Camera

Check on your dog while he or she is at home to make sure they are doing ok and are not chewing anything up.

16. Temperature Control Mug

Keep your beverages cool or hot with a temperature control mug.

17. Smart Garden Self-Watering Garden

If you struggle to keep your plants alive, a self-watering garden is perfect for you because it senses when the plant needs water.

18. Wireless Speaker Shower Head

Get your singing on point with a wireless speaker shower head. You might not want to get out of the shower now!

19. Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes apply the right amount of pressure for the full two minutes so you get your cleanest mouth.

20. Water Filter

Invest in a good water filter you can place on your spout or a water filter pitcher you can keep in your fridge.

21. LED House Numbers

Upgrade the look of your house and help your friends see your address clearly with some LED house numbers.

22. Food Huggers

Many of us buy produce with the best intentions to eat healthy only to throw half of it out because it’s gone bad. Food Huggers keep your produce looking better for longer.


Devices make life better and more enjoyable. Which one will become your new favorite?

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